I've listened to the demo, that's quite a thing! Good luck with your tracker! wink


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it's true this qchan song is awesome! Reminds me a bit of Tim Follin's work!

I've just found this. I'm watching it now:

Another episode of Understanding Computer Sound. We dig into the details of square waves produced by the Z80 CPU and Ferranti ULA chip, and find out fascinating things... we also show a few great demos by masters of the chiptune and demoscene. For many more details details, see the accompanying article: http://forgottencomputer.com/retro/sound/


(sorry wrong topic, it should go to the Sinclair part, of course...)


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Shiru wrote:

Sorry, I don't use Github, so unless some uploaded it there, it isn't there. And I doubt anyone did that.

I did it, some time ago, probably with a few modifications:

https://github.com/farvardin/garvuino/t … ino_octode


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they've made a neat website! I haven't been on it for such a long time...

nice cover. I didn't know the original until today. You made a great work!


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nice classical game!


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very impressive as usual!

I want to dive into 1-bit music again!

I'm glad someone noticed the snail!
Yes, it's in my garden.

It's definitely different from some more danceable chiptune,  for my next one I'll try to look how to create arps with MML, for this one it was just a simple midi conversion...

Houston Tracker 2 is mentioned in this article about the history of trackers:
https://www.musictech.net/guides/essent … -trackers/

I've recycled one of my PMD98 tune (FM music written in MML) into 1-bit, thanks to this wonderful MMML tool. Here is a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPUAUxfS40E


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the main theme in YNWA is gorgeous! Well done!


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nice tune! I like the deep bass on it!

I've tried to flash this on an atmega8 chip, but I can't get any sound...
I've adapted the fuse according to this website: https://www.engbedded.com/fusecalc/ (using 8mhz internal clock), I've connected the audio to PB0 and gnd...

(edit) fixed it, my circuit was underpowered!

wow, this album is wonderful!
It's great to discover new avr related projects, even if I like the old speccy music, having a more powerful chip can lead to interesting new effects!


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epic, as always! What a great song...

It would be a delight to go back in time and run this tune on a teenager's ZX big_smile


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it sounds great!!
Nice little device!


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it sounds neat! Well done!

Nice musics! Welcome here! Do you also have an account on Battle of the Bits?


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Interesting warm sound...
You should release a new album!


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this one sounds very advanced, quite close to the AY chip. You've moved the boundaries once again!


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I always enjoy those small tunes you create for your new engines!
Nice sound, which rather sounds like some samples effects.

Some users from the French Linuxmao website (especially jpcima) ported Evalua and Chipwave and a few others to lv2 (and vst for linux as well). You can easily compile them and use them from any DAW:


LMMS can "natively" load and run windows VST (even from Linux, using Wine and their own engine called VeSTige), and it can also run LV2 and native linux VST with the Carla Engine (it's an external project but it runs well).

a very impressive and precise timeline!!


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well done!
I just don't understand how to export from Reaper to the bin used for the final music.