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I'm currently listening the demo, it's impressive as usual! I love this...

it's always great to watch your speeches smile

Anyway, it sounds like there is only your voice and not the musical examples, which is a pity, for example at 26' there is no sound.


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Here is a successful use of the Phaser1 on Arduino: https://soundcloud.com/erwan-lerale/gar … y-workflow


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awesome music as usual... a pity it wasn't recorded on video. For the last song of the set, it was played at the IVP in Krakow, I've even made a short recording of it, which you can see on my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYjnT4ABB9V … by=garvalf
I suppose it's now one of my favorite Beeper tune!


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well done! That's great music for sure!

I've started a new track with ChipWave, and ChipDrum as well, here is the WIP: https://instaud.io/2wyP

I've also finished my previous track, but I might expand it in the future: https://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/The+Ride/29099/

The HT2 icon should be displayed when Doors CS7 is launched.

doorsCS7 won't be shown in the PRGM menu, but in the APPS menu!


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I love this. I own a Tesla Coil... but it's a very tiny one, bought for a few € on aliexpress. You can send some music in it. I've done it but the sound is very weak. I've tried to record it on video but we can barely hear it.

nice as well!
I've compiled it for linux, but I doubt it's very usable without the specific GUI: http://garvalf.online.fr/var/upload/temp/chipdrum.so

I'll try to use it with chipwave in my next tune!!


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it looks great castpixel!

I suppose the "Off Topic" or even in this case "General Discussion: Talk about all things 1-bit" are still relevant for such things...


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it sounds and looks very neat!! Well done, I love it!

amazing... I managed to remove the references to the GUI and compile it on Linux!!
Basically I've added #include <cstdlib> at the beginning, I've downloaded the SDK from https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vst3sdk (there is the link to steinberg's website), and I've followed the help there: http://teragonaudio.com/article/Buildin … Linux.html

Then I've run those commands:
g++ -fPIC -c -I/tmp/VST_SDK/VST2_SDK -D__cdecl="" chipwave.cpp
g++ -shared  -o chipwave.so *.o

and got the chipwave.so VST in Linux format!

And the best part is it's working in Ardour (which cannot load VST in windows format, unfortunately, but as a workaround I was using the Festige app which can load windows VST in .dll and it can be rerouted to Ardour using Jack)

I've put my binary there if someone is interested: http://garvalf.online.fr/var/upload/temp/chipwave.so


do you think it would be possible to compile it on Linux for getting a native vst? But it looks there are some windows only calls in this one...

Shiru, this ChipWave VST is indeed very interesting! I like it very much!

I've begun a short tune with it, it's a WIP yet, but it's only using your synth, no other one (but some reverb and eq effects): https://instaud.io/2iSe

Just found this, haven't tried it yet!


He said he's using a Teensy 3.6, I've ordered a 3.2, we'll see if it works anyway.

Hi, sorry for the answering delay, haven't been on the forum for a few days...
For adding a library, there is an option in "sketches" => include library => add zip library, but I suppose what you did was correct. You should see the new library in the menu anyway, in "contributed libraries".

1.6.4 is not the most recent version but anyway, most if not all arduino versions should work. I've just tried with 1.6.5 and it's ok for me.

When I upload a sketch, I must unplug the midi cable from the garvuino, otherwise it won't upload (anyway there should be an error when trying to do so with a midi cable plugged).
When I play a note, the "rx" led is blinking. When I push the switch button, there is a sound, and the blue led (on the board) is blinking as well. Is it the same for you?

Can you try uploading the sid_player sketch? is there sound with it?

thanks Shiru!


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more fun with this engine...

I've added a knob and and I can slowdown the replay of the song:

  current_speed = constrain(map(knob_value,0,1023, 2, 20),2, 20);



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Still having some fun with this engine port on Arduino. Here is a recording from a new tune published on Battle of the Bits: http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/ … ht+/27390/
You can listen to the difference with the ZX Spectrum version on this page (the first song in the list at the time of writing): http://garvalf.online.fr/index.php?page=musiques_zx.en

I've seen Abrimaal just released a new cool and crazy beeper album:


you can listen to it there: http://abrimaal.pro-e.pl/music/index.htm

One of my favorites is DoomBass, but I enjoy also some Tim Follin like tunes such as MidiaNoctum, Red Sector Intro or Love at the First Beep!

@utz sure, I try to always keep a few boards in advance. I've only sold 3 so far but I haven't advertise it everywhere. I'll order a new batch of PCB soon. In the case I won't sell the first batch, I'll make a great beeper orchestra will all the extra boards! smile

@AtariTufty: the doc should explain all, I hope (I've just updated it today). If it's not clear tell me and I'll try to improve it. I've already converted the track to a library (.h file) so it's easier.

I've just pushed on the qchan repositories a few songs from AtariTufty's excellent album 1-bit mechanistic: https://github.com/farvardin/garvuino/t … uino_qchan

I hadn't the source for them but I forgot beepola's excellent feature to import / rip songs from .tap files.

And it sounds pretty well on the Arduino, especially Robotix!

given the high number of abstractions, is it possible to run the "sketches" or code from micro:bit on the Calliope mini? I think too they are great products for education, and also for quick development of easy things (like on arduino actually).


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New engines, very impressive!

Someone I know has found a way to compile 1tracker for 64 bit. He made a (linux) script to fix this. Basically it retrieves the original angelscript code, change a few words, and recompile everything (because I think some code was precompiled for 32bit in angelscript. How could be the right way to fix this upstream? Through a patch or a new makefile? (_x86 should be replaced by _x64 in the makefile for example)