oups sorry, I've corrected this on the new version of the website at https://garvalf.ortie.org/index.php?pag … es_1bit.en (which redirect when you go to the root page), I'll correct the mirror later.

I'll maybe show them a link to this forum and also to your sound engines. They are aware of Houston Tracker at least, maybe they've already tried it! I think they also talked about it!

Tunesmith sounds quite... old smile
I don't do much tiktok, it's quite painful. I've only created a account for testing. I looks like younger people prefer twerk videos rather than 1bit music... smile

Thank you I've seen you've put my "Valse de la sorcière", you can find an other track I've made with 1tracker on this page:

http://garvalf.free.fr/index.php?page=musiques_zx.en  ("Waltz of the Spectrum")


at the moment I'm listening to a french podcast about chiptune, if you can understand French it's very interesting. After 30 minutes and a presentation of the Atari TIA chip, there is something about 1-bit music with some Mr BEEP and Tim Follins's musics:

http://makingsound.fr/blog/le-podcast-d … hane-picq/

(the time can be shown on the original podcast show: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show … cq-e2gcp0q )


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I really love this sound, it's totally mesmerizing! well done again...

well, I've already posted some 1-bit music last year smile  (on atmega328)

https://www.tiktok.com/@garvalf/video/7 … 7902894369


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I'm listening to it now, that's so impressive, I love the sound and the tune, well done!
The stereo add a so powerful effect...


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it looks great!
I've tested the emulator, it works fine with wine. The interface somehow reminds me of 1tracker smile


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I can confirm that your fix made the job, I didn't understand why I had so few engines available, it was because 1tracker crashed when it reached peskysoundzx, then after a second load it didn't try to load the rest of the engines. I've isolated peskysoundzx first, until I've discovered your fix, thanks.

utz wrote:

Also found the bug that causes peskysoundzx to segfault.

And thank you Shiru for making new releases of 1tracker, I should try to compose more with it!


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the last test.tap reminds me of some bytebeat effects!  Sounds a bit like a human voice...


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nice sound. It almost reminds me of some YM2149 tune / sound (Cybernoid?) with the arps.

Thanks for telling about the problem with Fuse, I was going to ask why I didn't get any sound. It looks like fuse is thinking your nice tune is some sort of data and it tries to fastload it. If you disable "fastloading" and "accelerate loaders", (in the media options) it will play fine.

I've listened to the demo, that's quite a thing! Good luck with your tracker! wink


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it's true this qchan song is awesome! Reminds me a bit of Tim Follin's work!

I've just found this. I'm watching it now:

Another episode of Understanding Computer Sound. We dig into the details of square waves produced by the Z80 CPU and Ferranti ULA chip, and find out fascinating things... we also show a few great demos by masters of the chiptune and demoscene. For many more details details, see the accompanying article: http://forgottencomputer.com/retro/sound/


(sorry wrong topic, it should go to the Sinclair part, of course...)


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Shiru wrote:

Sorry, I don't use Github, so unless some uploaded it there, it isn't there. And I doubt anyone did that.

I did it, some time ago, probably with a few modifications:

https://github.com/farvardin/garvuino/t … ino_octode


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they've made a neat website! I haven't been on it for such a long time...

nice cover. I didn't know the original until today. You made a great work!


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nice classical game!


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very impressive as usual!

I want to dive into 1-bit music again!

I'm glad someone noticed the snail!
Yes, it's in my garden.

It's definitely different from some more danceable chiptune,  for my next one I'll try to look how to create arps with MML, for this one it was just a simple midi conversion...

Houston Tracker 2 is mentioned in this article about the history of trackers:
https://www.musictech.net/guides/essent … -trackers/

I've recycled one of my PMD98 tune (FM music written in MML) into 1-bit, thanks to this wonderful MMML tool. Here is a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPUAUxfS40E


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the main theme in YNWA is gorgeous! Well done!


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nice tune! I like the deep bass on it!