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It's summertime, and as usual it means there are several chances to submit your beeper works at competitions.

DiHalt - July 4th-5th
rules (general), rules (zx)

ChaosConstructions - August 29th-30th
website (rules not published yet, but will most likely be the same as on DiHalt)

DotB's Decadent Decade - till September 5th or so
Not exactly a beeper compo, but there's nothing stopping you to submit up to 10 beeper covers of BotB tunes wink

Also, there'll be a big fat compo happening here at the forum very soon. Stay tuned wink

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Some great compos there smile

I may be wrong but I thought you were only allowed 1 cover per format on BOTB?
Is this special battle 1 cover per year in any format?

I hope so, I'll have a go at making another entry smile

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To quote the boss:

puke7 wrote:

You can use any format for any year. Try to earn a badge!

I think that means you can do all beeper if you're so inclined. Thinking of also doing a few YM2149s myself, though.

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maybe this one as well?
on July 10-12
ZX Spectrum Music (all ZX Spectrum formats + TurboSound)

I have a cool beeper tune (I hope) but it's not finished yet, so it's too late for DiHalt...

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Yeah, there were beeper tunes submitted to that one in the past, so that should be possible wink

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I've managed to submit both a beeper and a C64 compo to DiHalt. At the moment I'm trying to reach quite a few competitions, I've sent something to Nordlicht, ReSeT, Sommarhack, Solskogen. I don't get much score, but I don't care smile

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Now now, 2nd place, not bad wink Congratz!

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yes, but for the oldschool music compo the other one was last...

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The Chaos Constructions 2015 videos:

Only 3 beepers tunes it seems. And a few more AY. I turned on the live channel right when my AY tune was playing wink

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It's not dedicated to Beeper music, but there is an ongoing comp on BoTB about Spooky music, it might be interesting for 1-bit composers wink … OO+SPOOKY/


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Hi there!
I'm glad to inform you that DiHalt Lite 2016 is on its way to happening -- at 9-10th January, 2016.

We will have there again ZX Spectrum 1bit music compo!
There will be also ZX Spectrum AY/YM music compo, tracker music compo (4mb/64 channels max) and even MP3 music compo (3 minutes max) -- just in case you like that categories also.
Anyways, check the rules here and here.

Another our feature (which is now quite common among russian demoscene events) is online voting system, open for everybody (after just a simple email registration). Check it here.

So we will be happy to have entries from you! smile


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Yo lvd, thanks for the info! I'll try my best to make something, though I can't promise it atm. My schedule is packed until January and I don't have any unreleased material that's demoparty-worthy.

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Thanks lvd.

I'll also try to write something for the compo smile


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Thank you guys for your enthusiasm, will look forward to your entries! smile

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I don't see it in the rules, so I guess it's ok, the submissions don't have to be anonymous, do they?


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No, you don't need to anonymize your entries. Usually the music works are presented anonymously though (ie screen$ will not be displayed).

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I will probably up for participating in this. I just have a question about the particulars of the format -

"Module must be compiled to executable Basic file or data file with total instruction about places of player and initialization and name of tracker. " - is a .tap ok? Or would it need to be something else?

I don't really know much about player routines to say about places of player and initialisation either.

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All info about author will be hidden during music playback on the compo, including anything printed on the screen smile

.tap is perfectly OK for beeper tracks, preferably if it loads and starts to play by itself (i.e. no user input beyond usual LOAD ""<enter> is ever needed).
Any info about codeblock is just for the case your .tap doesn't run by itself (so that we will have to either start it manually or play it in the tracker)

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I should be okay then, I think the kind of .tap files generated by beepola and 1tracker are the ones that play automatically on load. Thanks for the reply smile

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Hi guys

Think today is the last day to submit entries for DiHalt Lite 2016 (unless you are attending).

Hey hey, four ZX Beeper entries so far (I've just uploaded mine) smile

Some nice new Beeper tracks on BOTB last night too. Very nice one from MovieMovies1.


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Oh shi.... I thought the deadline was tomorrow. Just came back from Germany a few hours ago, hope my submission will still be received.

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Yeah I would have thought it would still be received.

You've got me worried now though smile  I emailed my submission at 1pm and have had no email reply yet. My email address sometimes gets filtered out as SPAM so I've just sent it again using my gmail address to make sure !

I've never entered this compo before so don't know how quickly the organisers get back to you about compo entries.


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Hmm, normally the organizers react pretty quickly, so it was probably a good idea to resend it.
If you don't hear from the guys, you could also try mailing your entry directly to lvd.

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Got a reply to my 2nd email submission this morning smile


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Online voting is open smile

Also... OMG, is that a new Shiru tune I'm hearing? In any case, very strong competition, me likey!