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Wow utz, something completely different again smile

Excellent, sounds like a guitar sample


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Very nice new homebrew speccy game here:

http://www.indieretronews.com/2017/09/a … y.html?m=1

An isometric game in the style of Ultimate.

Great ZX beeper version of the 80s classic 'Walk Like An Egyptian' by the Bangles too


Haha, number 1, 1-bit album on bandcamp.

You don't remember the conversation at the IVP? wink

We'd all had a LOT of vodka smile

Hi Garvalf

Great to finally meet you at the IVP.

I'd be very interesting in buying one of your fully assembled boards when they're available smile

Btw, just checked again, you're still number 1 wink


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Great tune Garvalf, particularly like the first half. Love the sound from this engine smile

Did you use 1-tracker to create it?

Seems to crash at the end though?


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Very nice sound and impressive for such a small engine smile


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Very interesting discussion guys.

Welcome to the forum chupo_cro , it's great to see new faces here smile


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Excellent sounding Apple II album just been released:


Great idea Shiru.

Are we limited to the original LSengine or are his other ones ok too ?

Including the new digi drums engine extracted a few weeks ago?


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Thanks Shiru

Really pleased you've added Octode 2k15 and especially Octode 2k16. That's the next engine I intend to have a try writing for smile smile


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Hehe nice work utz smile


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Phaser x


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Hi utz

Yes I saw the results this morning, congrats on another win mate smile

I expected my 4th position, exciting for beeper with all the new engines to explore smile


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Thanks for the link and your comments, I've just listened to it. Wow, love that soundtrack smile

On temporal, the 'beeper' sample was recorded from a ZX spectrum currah speech unit btw.


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Hi Garvalf

Yes The Temporal Beeper is experimental, I just wanted to write something completely different for me. I've never heard the Dune soundtrack, I'll have to check it out.

It uses the excellent zbmod engine that utz wrote last June. A three channel digital engine using samples. Once you've got the hang of the sample instrument note ranges it's enjoyable to write digital music for the Beeper smile

We're spoilt for choice now with all the amazing new engines available - zbmod, Phaser X, Squeeker plus, Pytha, Quatropic  etc. etc.

Phaser X in particular is an engine I'd like to have a go with. Utz has already produced two excellent tracks with it in "Frozen Mohawk" and "Last Summer on Earth"

Good times for Beeper smile


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That's a shame mate. I was looking forward to a new Beeper track in your very recognisable style.


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Track submitted smile


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I spoke to Lyndon Sharp yesterday on facebook (he is currently working on music for the Spectrum Next).

I told him about the bubble dizzy engine being extracted and incorporated into 1tracker 0.26.

He says the bubble dizzy music was actually music reused from a game called rally cross but with 2 re-sampled drums, although he says he likes the drums but can't actually remember doing the tweak smile

Anyway he said to tell Shiru to keep up the good work smile

And if he fancied adding these newly found drums to the main kit it would be good smile

Not sure if he means his original engine?


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Wow, missed this post about the new squat engine.

Just tried it on 1-tracker and compiled the two demo songs to .tap versions.

Excellent engine, love the sound, drums and noise capability smile


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Recently came across a game with a nice engine I'd not heard before.

Bubble Dizzy (1991) with music by Lyndon Sharp.

Sounds 2 channel plus digi drums



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I'm in, already working on a track smile


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Thanks Shiru.

Just tested on my laptop running Windows 10, runs fine.



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Thanks utz smile

Definitely sounds cleaner on fuse and the real hardware recording.

On Spectaculator I think I still prefer the first version of the engine as the parasite tone is lower pitched and doesn't seem to interfere with the tune as much imo


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Thanks utz, sounds great.
Much clearer than on emulators.

Excellent synth on this engine smile


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Wow, love it mate.
Great sound, don't think I've heard Beeper synth like this before.
Even the slight interference sort of adds to it, makes it seem more live.