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Down The Pipe wacky new zx spectrum game released

Features 2 of my 1-bit tunes and available to buy on tape




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Hi utz

Just tried the aczidbox tune again. Amazing. Notice it doesn't respond to keypress ?
A friend has nearly finished his space shooter game and this would be a great intro tune if the keypress was enabled.



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Cheers Vinny.

Always great to enter the DiHalt beeper compo.


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The scores are in. Well done utz on the win. Great track. Liked your tracks too Shiru. Good number of entries for beeper.



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Amazing as always utz smile


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Just came across this on YT smile



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Oh wow, love it utz.

A new beeper sound again smile


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Wow sounds great.

Could've done with this when I was writing some jingles for my new game recently. I ended up using a qchan game over jingle which took 720 bytes and a few huby jingles (a few hundred bytes each).

So will the file size be halved once channel 3 & 4 data is removed (plus the engine) ?


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Cheers, thought as much but I thought it sounded a little different than usual and was being played a note at a time with the scrolling message.


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https://furilloproductions.itch.io/rade … -episode-2

Anyone know the beeper engine used on this?


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Very impressive sound from the Pet. A friend of mine owns one that he found discarded in a skip a few years ago.

I've no idea what the text is talking about or who Mr Murray is but I enjoyed the music and great to hear beeper stuff on other platforms.


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Luca Bordoni has just released his new homebrew creation of the mythical ZX Spectrum game by ultimate.

He asked me to do some beeper music (intro and 3 jingles). I had very little memory so I decided to write something very basic mirroring the classic ultimate style. Single channel with implied bass. I used wham and had both channels playing the same notes.

I used Bach's prelude 2 as a starting point as Sabre Wulf used prelude 1.

Yt vid is here with download link at the bottom



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Cheers utz. Hehe, game on for DiHalt Lite smile

Winterchip first mate smile


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Hi Guys

I've just made a YT vid of my latest 1-bit tune '8Bit Wars' which is the title track for the new ZX Spectrum game by Luca Bordoni.

The game is a perk included the Kickstarter campaign for the 8Bit Wars Film which is coming out.

Written using phaser 3 and 1tracker as usual (I'm still loving this engine).



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Came across this today:

http://intenseofficial.blogspot.com/202 … .html#more

A 4 channel beeper engine that works in contended memory !!

Wow, exciting developments in 1-bit land atm smile


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Wow, just tried SquatE

This is brilliant, sound quality much improved. An exciting new development, thanks Shiru


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Go for it utz. Would be a brilliant feature for beeper tracks smile

Got me thinking, remember this track on BOTB ?

https://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry … %21/16668/


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Great thread, I've been interested in trying to add vocal samples to my beeper tunes for ages.
I'll check out the updated Squat engine.

Here's a couple of my tunes that I've managed to use vocal samples in Phaser 3, although these are interrupting.

The most impressive example I've seen is Lman's C64 music

Jammer has done some amazing stuff too (samples again though)

This Atari ST stuff got my interest too:


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Hi Shiru

Thanks for that. I have found a minor issue with lyndon sharp '91 (I've expanded my beeper Revolution track) in that it locks up when trying to exit back to basic. Think there was a similar issue with phaser3 that you fixed very quickly.


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Cheers Garvalf


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Thanks Shiru

Just downloaded the latest version of 1tracker

I'm working on my new 1-bit beeper album at the moment so am using 1tracker every day


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I use 1tracker for phaser 3 composing


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My real Spectrum 48k recording of the title tune has now been uploaded to yt



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Pi-Dentity has just been released for the speccy.

Includes my phaser 3 beeper track and huby jingles.

Free download from the Fusion site and also will be on the spectrum computing archive soon.

Physical tape release soon too.



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Never replied to this. Thanks a lot mate.
I've always been spurred on by trying to compete with yours and Mister Beeps releases. It seems people are still trying hard with 1-bit beeper tracks, the entries in this year's BOTB Winterchip were all great, one of the strongest categories I thought.