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Hi Shiru

I use 1-tracker for all my beeper tune compositions these days and find it pretty easy to use now.
Can I request a new feature.

The ability to compile the tune to a specific address ?

All of my phaser 3 tunes have had to be relocated as they've been used in games but I usually have trouble tweaking the .asm to compile with sjasmplus so being able to compile to a user definable address would be great




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Jonathan - Trick or Treat

New ZX Spectrum game just released that I wrote the music for.

Intro tune uses phaser 3 and for the ingame/game over music I used the old faithful 80s engine, Wham the music box as mem was tight.

3 in-game tunes to choose from and multiple samples (press 1-7 after loading or any other key for the default 'Tubular Beeps')

For in-game sfx I made some 1-bit samples using Shiru's BeepFX (absolutely brilliant for creating speccy samples, particularly for converting down 8-bit samples)

Download is here:

Welcome to the forum Andy. As utz says, not the busiest forum but we do check regularly and always great to see new members.
A mine of invaluable info is available here in relation to 1-bit sound and engines.


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Our new Team Moritz game 'Mecki Winter Hibernation' has just been released digitally and on tape.

Featuring the vintage German children's TV character Mecki the hedgehog.

It features my beeper music on the title screen and start up.
Using phaser 3 as usual



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This is brilliant. Love the face art


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Hehe yeah, that would be great. Wouldn't hold up much hope though.

More likely used as a coffee mat or CD hung up in the garden to scare the birds off his seed plants smile

Would be great if the chronos engine could in some form be added to 1tracker though


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I finally got to meet Tim Follin last weekend at the play expo Blackpool.

Seemed very nice and humble. Also seemed interested in the latest 1-bit advances. I managed to impose a copy of my 'on and off' cd on him which he said he'd have a listen to smile

Probably just thought I was a crazy fan in retrospect big_smile   I did mention our beeper parties

Absolutely amazing demo. Way better than 8088

Loved your soundtrack, Shiru. I've listened to it a few times now, brilliant.

Also the sample Laiden song at end I thought was brilliant too. Thought it was a mod playback until you explained what it was !

Thanks for the greet too smile


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CD available now if anybody wants one:



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Hi xxl

A lot of the tracks were from 1-bit mechanistic (EQ'd to be a little less harsh for Spotifty) so are mostly QCHAN. The others I've added the engines used:

Slow Burn Serenity
Robotix (I, Beeper)
March of the Biomech - Phaser 3
Difficult for Cyborgs (Raw Eq Edit)
That Old Magic
1-Bit Mechanistic - qchan plus speech synth
So Cold the Night
Spectronica (Raw Eq Edit) - Pytha
Mech-Dance - Phaser 1
Fascinated Down Low
Lazy Synth
Shades of Follin, Pt. 2
Beeper X


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Hi bushy555

If you PM me I'll send you the source. Would be interesting to hear the songs on the VZ/Laser



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Thanks xxl


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New beeper compilation now available on all the streaming platforms if anyone fancies a listen.

Takes songs from my Serenity, Mechanistic Deluxe and Raw Spectronica (new EQ mixes) releases that were not on streaming platforms before.

Here's the spotify link:

https://open.spotify.com/album/4WBBolD8 … NUPs9sm2wg


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Thanks a lot utz. Yeah Serenity was just a little tune I made one night that didn't seem to grate on repeat so I decided to record it.
Mech Dance has been rejected for 2 games now !  I thought I'd record and release it so the effort wasn't wasted.

Still waiting for your albums of those recordings you made a few years ago btw wink


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Thanks xxl


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Hi Guys

Another little release, recorded from real hw as always


Very cool vid, enjoyed watching (and listening) to it smile


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Shiru wrote:

I forgot if we're used it somewhere, but a phasing effect with a couple of 16-bit adders:

add hl,bc
add ix,de
ld a,h
xor ixh
cp 128
sbc a,a

Actually I was experimenting with the Phaser idea applied to a 4-bit DAC (i.e. AY) with a quirk: instead of toggling the sole bit on and off with the overflow of each of the generators, why not XOR a couple of possible 4-bit values. Like, in the regular operation mode both XOR the output with 15, and we're getting the regular Phaser sound. However, if one of generators XORs a lesser value, the phasing effect kinda gets reduced. So we can control the amount of the effect in the channel, which gives it another dimension. The test is attached (press any key).

Very cool sound Shiru


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Oh wow !

Never heard sample playback that good before on the Speccy 48k :0


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Yeah a couple of tracks I'd not heard before too


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Happy Birthday to the ZX Spectrum, released 40 years ago today.

Beepix ! - ZX Spectrum 40th Anniversary DJ Mix

DJ AyaLynne has mixed a load of 1-Bit Beeper music as part of the festivities

It's here:



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Brilliant, thanks Shiru.
I'll give it a try tonight.

I know what you mean about having to be in the right mood to compose.

I really want to try and master a new engine. Great to see Archie included smile


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Yes it would certainly improve things if it was better compatible with the +2a/+3

Most of my new tunes are used in games so I try and use an engine that sounds good on all models. If the games are released on tape then there's a good chance collectors will have a +2/+2a model.
Phaser 3 seems the best choice for me at the moment for sound quality, compatibility and the fact the complied tune files are not massive.


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Just had a listen, got some very interesting potential. Like the white noise and drum variable volumes