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Great album from the master of Savage.

Love the border FX and pulsing title graphic too, my favourite track is 'DECAF' so far as I like the FX in it.

Congrats AER  smile


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Wow thanks a lot guys. A very unexpected win.

Glad people liked my track, there were some excellent tracks again this year and a  great turnout for Beeper big_smile

Most of the credit for my track goes to the excellent (and very underused) phaser 3 engine by shiru. I love the drums and low phased synth sound on it.



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Cheers Shiru, I've not seen that movie, I'll have to check it out smile


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Hi Guys

Anyone seen this before?

I stumbled upon it on youtube and thought you might find it interesting smile




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Wow that is excellent smile

The most original thing I've seen done with 1-bit ZX Beeper for a long time!

Love the qchan bits.

So was it a completely new 'live performance' engine or pre made sections/chords played on certain key presses ?

Hi uglifruit. Welcome to the forum smile

I've just listened to your musical. Wow some great work, particularly like 'I could be a paperboy' and 'in space'.

Also great to hear some 1-bit speccy music used in the 1st track smile


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Count me in smile


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Cheers Shiru smile

AER's got a very distinctive style


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Anyone made a demo track with it ?


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Shit, forgot about this one sad

I've got 2 tracks I could've submitted too !

Got a link to AER's track ?


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Wow you guys never fail to astound me !

So Shiru, what's the first beeper engine to be ported to the phone ?


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Cheers Shiru.

I liked your MP3 track too, cool use of the disk sounds smile


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Thanks Garvalf for the link.

Some great tracks on it, very inventive and interesting.

Love the X-Bass on Beep Hunters, it really improves the track.

Lofi samples and plip plop engine on Don't fear the Beeper !
Love at the first Beep - cool mixing and stereo effects.
More lofi samples and AY drums over the beeper music on other tracks.
Like the Red Sector intro too (improved mixing from the Dihalt version) and Teddybear's Funeral with its multiple engines.

Great Stuff smile


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Btw utz, was your track the one you played a few seconds of at this years IVP during your beeper engine presentation ?

Hehe that's great, thanks Garvalf. I'll try and figure out how to put a new 1-bit track on the board.



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Well done utz, deserved win. Great track as always. I liked all the others too. Would never have guessed the earthshaker engine for headbanger. I thought it was maybe phaser 3.

My track was created very quickly in 1 session into the early hours of the morning so didn't have as much time as I usually put in. I did try and write something that I thought might appeal to the party goers though smile

Best score I've ever received for a track in that compo smile


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Four entries now smile

Just testing the 'Garvuino' now.

Wow, sound output is fantastic, crisp, clear and accurate. It plays the Phaser 1 demo track flawlessly. Can't wait to flash it with one of my qchan tracks smile

Excellent work mate smile

Mine has been delivered today smile

Will hopefully have time to try it out tonight.

Cheers smile


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Thanks for the reminder Shiru.

I'm in. It's time to hopefully try out one of the new engines smile

How does it cope with 1-bit engines like zbmod and Pytha where some emulators produce strong parasite tones ?


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I wonder if a new rombeep player could be tweaked to play on interrupt ?

Btw, an interesting fact I found is that rombeep tunes (compiled on beepola) don't lock up currah speech playback so essentially it can sing over a backing track !


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It's here:



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Very interesting topic Shiru.

The best I've seen is a mini game that FrankT wrote which had full speed special FX music playing throughout.

It was a simple game though (a recreation of an 80s handheld 'ambulance' LCD game). Very impressive.

And ofcourse there's introspec's rain demo.

The 1986 game 'thunderbirds' had  multichannel wham the jukebox music playing through too I seem to remember


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Nice work utz, another new sound for the beeper. Reminds me of a marimba