Hi blake !

Didn't know you are here, I was going to send you a message about this forum, we already met in Twitter (I am @jkervinen there), where I compiled your mmml-dekstop-synth smile !!


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There are some problems with hosting, they changed cPanel to their own, everything else works on my domain (randomflux.info), but had problems with this forum software (PunBB), and specifically with PHP permissions. I am in contact to support, getting replies, so this should be fixed soon.


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Well, I am not a good programmer though I have done it decades, and Scheme (and functional programming) in general is not really my thing (old-fashion procedural black terminal guy, I am smile), but otherwise, yes, I am interested. There are some methods possible to do as utility functions for generating pattern (or any data), most quite simple, possible to combine various ways to create more complex functions in functions (in functions ...), what I have seen of MDAL modules, and syntax and general principles, it is kind of perfect platform for algorithmic stuff smile.


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No, I haven't used Nyquist in Audacity, at least so far, I think I have tested some stuff with it as standalone version, and in late 80's and 90's some other Roger Dannenberg's audio languages. For any real time algorithmic (etc) stuff I use mostly ChucK, and rest is done by scripting languages and some assembly, depending on what's going on (and CC65, CZZ80, and other cross-compilers).


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utz, it generates patterns and sampledata directly to .asm, I haven't add any input/parameters/arguments (yet), code doing mostly simple probability calculations, few lines of code, which can be replaced my any other possible generator(s).

Adding support to data generation natively sounds absolutely wonderful, yours and Shiru's engines are already great stuff for manipulating and generating by algorithms, .asm formats are simple enough for working smile !


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Hi all,

I started a new chip label, mostly experimental stuff, first album out yesterday, by me (as Byte.clone)
and Joss Manley, playing together over internet, in realtime and recorded stuff as is. We are using various
devices, I am also using utz's rawp, with my own algorithmic generator doing tracker part + samples.

If any of you like to send some stuff, please do that, looking forward smile !

Here, the label:


.... and same with SID-library, updated Arduino to 1.6.4, compiles and uploads fine, I can see that it is getting MIDI messages, changed #define USBMIDI 0, still no sound. Tips, yes, needed, thanks smile !

Hi garvalf, I am uploading SID MIDI code, it compiles (Arduino 1.06, using old version, too old ?), and uploads but no sound.

There are two ZIP-archives, sid.zip and midi.zip, I unzipped midi.zip and put that to Arduino compiler as library, not sure if this went as it should, any tips more than welcome smile

Arrived yesterday, all seems to be fine, works perfectly !

I am going to test Mozzi too, any details about flashing process I need to know ?

Thanks Garvalf !!

Thanks garvalf, looking forward, mostly using beeper/sid/mozzi so means jumper on. Checking updated doc now smile

Great, I sent you a message through your site smile !

Garvalf, I would be interested of assembled board, when available, please to the list smile

me too, count me in smile !


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this is very interesting, I have been (too) busy elsewhere, but trying to follow what's going on here every day.
I am going to make some tests with this engine, looking now to ASM-files, especially music.asm, apparently need to look Phaser and Squuker methods as well, for the tunings, methods (1+2), shaker (?)...

Thanks of great job utz !!

utz wrote:

So I was curious whether it's possible to combine Shiru's Phaser technique with zilogat0r's Squeeker method. Turns out it works surprisingly well!
The downside is of course that the sound is somewhat less clean than with proper pulse interleaving. But there are various benefits to having only one OUT in the loop. It's not only faster, but also there's no need to keep the cycle count down because there's no need to render multiple volume levels.

I'm not motivated to turn this into a proper engine at the moment, since it would be impossible make an XM converter for it anyway. But if anyone wants to play around with this, please do!

EDIT: Added the good ol' adc a,n SID and Earth Shaker effects on channel 1. Because, why not. This brings the total of configurable parameters for the first channel up to 10:

- frequency OP1
- frequency OP2
- duty OP1
- duty OP2
- SID on/off OP1
- SID on/off OP2
- ES duty modulation OP1
- ES duty modulation OP2
- Phase
- Mixing method (xor | or | and)

All nicely aligned to 224 t-states big_smile

The next step could be to add some modulators which would update the parameters once per 256 loops or so. Or maybe digi rendering with lo-pass... ehhh... I've got a strange feeling this is getting outta hand... yikes


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Yes, I am aware the sample length, using wav2smp.pl for converting. I assume it is raw headerless which Perl script converts, trying to find best (textural) samples, with limits we have here smile !


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I am writing some software utilities for making qaop TAP's, one of them is sample generator, which takes more or less complex sounds in WAV and converts them to 8-bit unsigned 44100Hz unsigned headerless RAW's. Not sure if I convert the samples (all less than one second in duration) correctly, or using too complex material, any tips what kind of sounds works best with qaop, should I go with simple waves instead of complex percussion/FX/etc stuff.

Thanks smile !

Oh well, added those, though it seems that files/etc in new version are somewhat different. There's no style_cs.css file, instead from styles dir I found Oxygen subfolder which contain several style .css files. In style folder there's only print.css (and index.html) , Oxygen contains four  Oxygen_xxx.css files, one is Oxygen.min.css, where I made changes (found all sections), doesn't seem to work (gif is already uploaded).

How about, utz, PM, I will make you own account to my server, so you could make any changes now and in future, let me know what you think smile !

OK, the PunBB software is now updated to newest version, next need to find where the header image is added smile

I will check this today, adding header, maybe I could upgrade the software same time.

utz, yes, perhaps I could upgrade, I am just worried that (any upgrade of any software) break things, fix old errors and make new ones.


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Thanks utz, very cool small code, undestand it mostly, need to check few opcodes I don't know. The sendspace link doesn't work, possibly date limit expired.

smile !!


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Coool, thanks utz ! Can I ask source code for this, might be useful as it contains keyboard reading etc, I could learn some assembly same way smile !


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Yes, it would, and makes things easier many ways (including traveling etc). To write all in asm would take too much time, I would need to learn more in short span of time, not much time to the gig, and I really would like to play 1-bit stuff there (too, I am also writing programs to Gameboy and possibly to some third device as well). I thought to put engine as inline asm, write rest, timing, realtime mods etc, with C or Basic. Like music.asm part in realtime, possible to modify pitch/drum data on the fly.


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Yes, thought so. I am planning (but not sure if I am able to finish) to make a version without graphics, ie. without display at all, just CPU/keyboard, 16 steps, all controls from keyboard, changing samples/beats and pitches during performance. Let's see, I need to write in C/Basic (z88dk, Boriel) and include assembly as inline, not exactly something I am competent smile


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How about kind of groovebox for ZX of for instance qaop engine ? I will be playing my first ever chip gig in March here in Finland, would be really cool to play 1-bit realtime engine smile !!