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I'm working on a PCB for creating a general purpose chiptune platform:

- 1 bit music player (on arduino)
- it can get music from the arduino memory. 1 bit music don't need much memory so this time a whole song, even a complex one, can fit in the memory. It might be possible to stream data from SD if the 1-bit music engine chosen is the same for all the songs.
- it should be possible to create a 1-bit synth, but I don't know why. Probably not an easy task.

- AY-3-8910 emulator (on atmega8), driven by the arduino nano.
- It can replay sinclair, atari, amstrad chiptunes from the sd card
- it might be possible to use it as a (very simple and dirty) AY synth! The avray creator helped me for this, for sending simple notes, I just need to code the synth now, I'll reuse parts from the sid synth)

- Sid emulator (on arduino)
- it can replay some sid files, from the arduino memory, which is limited (so tunes will be cut). I'd like to find a way to stream the tune from the sd card, it's probably possible
- it can be used as a Sid synth (see previous messages)

- Mozzy synth (see ), which can output fun FM sounds and many other effects.

There will be also room for adding light sensors and use the whole thing as a noise box...

It's not rocket science, I've just reuse code and parts from other projects. For the beeper part, it just adds a low pass filter (which might be improved for this purpose, I'm reusing the one adviced from AVRAY)

Besides a low pass filter there is also:
- arduino nano
- SD card reader
- Midi DIN-5 connector

Some  sound examples:

- beeper music:

- (Xenon / Spectrum)
- (Cauldron / Amstrad)
- (C64 SID synth)
- … ter/26509/ (personal creation, for zx spectrum)

I'll sell the PCB card alone (if it works as expected), for a cheap price like 3 or 4 € without shipping , and also some complete kits and assembled product (should be below 20 € without shipping)

The github project:

A picture of the PCB:

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Hi Garvalf

Great to finally meet you at the IVP.

I'd be very interesting in buying one of your fully assembled boards when they're available smile

Btw, just checked again, you're still number 1 wink

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I'm back. Yes, it was great to see everyone!
the PCB hasn't arrived yet! But it's in France at the moment, so it's just a matter of few days...

number 1 for what?

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Haha, number 1, 1-bit album on bandcamp.

You don't remember the conversation at the IVP? wink

We'd all had a LOT of vodka smile

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oh yes, I remember well now.

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Holy moly, what a massive Frankenstein of a board! So finally it's all coming together, eh? Congratulations mate, this is a great achievement. And I guess it was quite some work despite you claiming to "just reuse code and parts from other projects" big_smile

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

most work was for drawing the PCB because I didn't know anything about it. But it was an interesting experience. We can consider there are "only" 2 projects on it, the one for playing AY chiptunes, and the other one is for generating all sort of sounds from arduino, so it includes beeper, mozzi and sid with the same output. The low pass filter is not compulsory, but it should sound better with it.

I still haven't received the PCB yet... it's probably blocked because of some regulations.

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I've got them, and soldered a first one, it seems to work! … by=garvalf

I'll post a video in a few days.

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Garvalf, I would be interested of assembled board, when available, please to the list smile

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

ok, I'm still working on the software, and today I'll try to assemble 2 more boards smile