Did a talk about music on mainframes 1949-1965 at the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin last weekend. Nothing new if you've been keeping an eye on the 1-bit timeline post, but anyway, here you go:

https://media.ccc.de/v/vcfb18_-_90_-_en … ames_-_utz

Your music_data should simply contain the pattern pointers, the extra "patterndata" structure is not needed. So

   defw pattern1
   defw pattern2
   defw 0

The 0-word at the end of the music_data block marks the end of that block, in the same way that the 0-byte at the end of a pattern marks the pattern end.

However, I don't know if Ear Shaver supports this kind of sequence/pattern structure out of the box, perhaps some adjustments to the data loader are needed.

Yep, use synth drums instead of the digi ones, and you should be fine.
Also, song data generally compresses well with zx7, apack, exomizer etc.


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Hmm, would you by any chance be interested in contributing to libmdal? I haven't defined any API for dealing with MDAL modules yet, but in general what I'm looking for is a set of utility functions for algorithmic pattern data generation that users can glue together to form actual generators. Perhaps later wave data as well, but it's not a priority right now. New lib is written in Scheme (specifically Chicken Scheme).


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Slightly related question, did you ever play around with the Nyquist prompt in Audacity to generate/manipulate wave data?


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Hmm algorithmic pattern/sample generator, how does that work? Does it write to XM, or directly to .asm? What are the inputs to the algo? I'm asking because I eventually want to support algorithmic data generation natively in the upcoming new libmdal/bintracker, but I'm not not really much into that field myself.

Anyway, nice release wink Hopefully I'll get around to making something for the label one day but first I gotta finish that thing I promised for Bit Rot ages ago... ducks

Well, so the duty thing would be pretty much like in modern pulse-interleaving engines.

I assume there must be a connection between this and the Cybernoid series. Netherworld, too, and Turbo Boat Simulator.
https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/index.p … mp;id=5456
I'm assuming Dave Rogers wrote the beeper music for all of these (Nick Jones always used Wham for beeper). I think the engine must be his as well, because Turbo Boat Simulator is not a Hewson Title and none of the other usual suspects were involved in this. Also I wonder if it's always the same engine or if there's some evolution from Cybernoid -> Cybernoid II -> Netherworld/Stormlord.

Edit: Wow, forgot how insane that Netherworld music was. Easily one of the top monophonic beeper titles.

Sadly it seems Dave Rogers didn't have much love for the beeper, actually:

4: How was it working with the single channel Spectrum Beeper?

What can I say? Incredibly limiting would be an understatement. I always did the best I could with the 128k sound, trying to overcome it's limitations, but the beeper just felt like a waste of effort. The only time I did anything specifically for the beeper was for Cybernoid - a three channel tune for the 128k and a completely different one for the 48k.

The rest of the time I took the lazy way out and just squashed the three channel AY-chip data down into one channel for the beeper.

http://zxspectrumgames.blogspot.com/201 … rview.html


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He doesn't have any for offer, but there's a good chance he'd build you one on request. https://www.bytedelight.com/?page_id=499
I've bought stuff from the guy before and can vouch for the quality of his products.


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Ha, just read your comment on yt about playing the lead with a laserharp. Well, a ZX laserharp does exist!
Just need some beeper software for it yikes


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Thanks guys wink Yes, the last song is indeed the one I played at IVP last year. To be released on my next album, coming out in 2125 yikes


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A recording of my live set at Ohrbit Festival 2018, featuring the usual beeper metal, calculator unce, and senseless screaming.


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Ha ha epic demo, mate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3db3HIQuGds


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Fantastic work, mate. Very professionally executed, and the music's great. Keep 'em coming!


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Hmm, very intriguing. So there was some Ukrainian involvement.
More info: http://nodehist.fidonet.org.ua/?address=2%3A461%2F256 http://nodehist.fidonet.org.ua/?address=2%3A461%2F60


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Thanks for your hard work, Shiru. Any chance of migrating from VCL to CLX though, so the emu could become portable?


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Thanks, detective, much obliged! wink
We had another thread about this stuff: http://randomflux.info/1bit/viewtopic.php?id=153
Sadly punBB doesn't allow to merge topics (only with some 3rd party mod which reportedly doesn't work properly), so I'll have to think about collecting all this info into a sticky master post at some point.

Interesting, always nice to see experiments like this happen.
I don't quite understand what's the difference between this and regular DPCM, though.

You can just load .sna from divMMC. Otherwise there's SnapToTap for .sna->.tap conversion, and z802tzx for .z80->.tzx conversion (which you'll then have to convert to .tap for use with divMMC). See http://www.worldofspectrum.org/utilities.html#tzxtools
Assuming that the programs are written in pure BASIC, you could probably also dump the BASIC from Fuse and then shove it through zmakebas.

Hm, seems these are rather simple tools. But somewhat reasonably priced so still a nice item to have. Looking forward to your User Experience Report big_smile


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Wow, great find! I don't think it's pin-based, actually. Sounds more like a hybrid of Lyndon Sharp's engine and Savage. And 3 channels, too, wow.  Unfortunately the parasite tone is strong in this one, but nevertheless very fascinating to see that something like this existed back in 1990.


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https://chaosconstructions.ru/ looks freshly updated and it's the one they gave as official on demoparty.net etc, so I assume that's the one.

Thanks for posting these, uglifruit. That's quite a massive collection of tools!
Would you be willing to share the sources of the hacks/patches as well? I might be interested in creating some scripts for these, so one can easily include new patterns for the tritone/qchan tweaks.


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So there will be a beeper compo at Chaos Constructions '18 (August 25-26). However, since the organizers in their infinite wisdom decided to make the party website Russian only, I will not participate in this one.

Person111 wrote:

WabbitEmu: "Not the correct model for this calculator" (DoorsCS7.8xk)

Makes sense. TI-83 is not TI-83 Plus. You're emulating the wrong calculator. Means you probably got the wrong ROM image.

Ok, I'm going to need a lot more info to solve this. First of all, which operating system are you using and which version of TilEm/wabbitEmu?
Second, I'll need you to make a list of the exact steps I need to take to reproduce the problem. So, something like:
1) start TilEm
2) Right click, Send File..., select DCS7.8xk
3) Click on APPS button, select DOORSCS7
and so forth.