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Finally got around to finishing the engine based on Kurt James Werner's Velvet Noise technique, specifically Crushed Additive Random Noise. To my knowledge this is the first PFM (pin-pulse) ZX beeper engine that mixes tones and noise. In addition to the noise channel, there are 3 tone channels, all with volume envelopes. Added the synth kick from my new set of reusable click drums for good measure.


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Re: new engine: Velvet

Ooh yeeeeeeees !

Something new again. Love the mix of noise and PFM, I could have some great fun with this, it's got lots of potential.

Look forward to the Bintracker implementation smile

Re: new engine: Velvet

Great work! Having fading noise going on alongside the tone channels definitely brings a new quality into the sound, making it closer to a sound chip of sorts.

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Re: new engine: Velvet

this one sounds very advanced, quite close to the AY chip. You've moved the boundaries once again!