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Topic: Do I have a broken usb link cable or am I doing something wrong?

Hello there, arottenbit here.
First post, wishing to be more active when I'll get to install damn HT on my TI-82 Parcus.
Nice to meet you!

So I can't work out a way to load the tracker on the calculator. Help me out, please!
I'm using a grey cable bought on the internet, it's usb and emulates a COM connection in port 3.
Everytime I try to upload the CRASH19006.82B file I get an error, same when I try to backup the rom(?) from the TI to my computer.
The screen capture part works tho, so I guess the cable is good.

I really have no idea what to do, please send help!

I'm attaching a bunch of screenshots of all the error messages i'm receiving and other hopefully usefull data.

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Re: Do I have a broken usb link cable or am I doing something wrong?

Ciao arottenbit,

Sadly the 82 Parcus is the most crappy of them all, had a lot of trouble getting it to work in the past myself.

Since screen capture works, I assume your setup is correct (using this driver, right?). First thing to check would be the batteries. They should be relatively fresh, but not completely full. About 80-90% charged would be best (contrast level 2-3). CPU speed on the 82 Parcus can vary wildly depending on battery strength, which can cause longer link ops to go out of sync.

Man, I hope we can get this sorted, would love to hear some calculator metal from you! big_smile