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utz wrote:

Hehehe, sounds like you're having some good fun with this thing big_smile Great "experiment", keep 'em coming wink

Hahaha! Yeah! I'm having fun with your tracker and calcs! 2 more calcs are comming (TI-84 Plus) - the next step will be checking the synchronisation between them smile


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I was trying to experiment a little with chord & drum fx. I hope you like it smile



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utz wrote:

I haven't tested with a 84+SE, but I doubt it's worth shelling out $100 just to try. Tbh I don't think the SE's hardware is much different from the original 84+. And afaik the standard 84+ is not timing stable.

Ough, I thought it might work... And yes, ti84+ are also crystal clocked. I'm trying to obtain 2 x ti84+ for cheap. Maybe it will sync along short songs. I need to know smile)

garvalf wrote:

nice cover. I didn't know the original until today. You made a great work!

Oh, thank you! smile. Music of Aphex Twin is full of surprises, I encourage you to listen more smile

utz wrote:

Yes, it'd have to be a rather minimalist cover. Though you'll find that 6xx/9xx + 8xx/Exx can get you surprisingly far.

Thanks for the tips. I will check and explore!

I understand completely. You've made it already with HT to HT2 jump, and from what I've read and listen it was hell of a job.


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Hmmm, I've read somewhere that for example TI-84 Silver Edition are crystal based not this cap/resistor thingy... Have you test one for stability? I want to buy one and check, but I found just one here in Poland, it's pink and cost 100 usd! Pink is good, but 100 usd is to much I think.

Oh! Thank you! I'm planning for doing more of Richard music, however the funky stuff he composed, like RDJ album, or Drukqs are way to complex to mimic on calc I think. I'll try my best, but Rich is so genious and crazy that even following or transcribing his music is very difficult.

To be honest, I'm trying to get to know HT2 my best right now, which include recording all custom effects, drums and weird glitches, and catalog them with a descriptions. So I could search the sounds and recall pretty quick. I could make a sample pack or something and use that under Polyend Tracker or any DAW, but I think it would be cheating smile.

PS. Please excuse for the late reply - 2nd dose of vaccine gave me chills!

Hey guys!

Is there any clever way of producing continuos sounds (longer that 1/16 of a pattern)? I mean, could I somehow make the note longer instead of repeating to the next step? It produces some kind of steping, is it avoidable? Any tip?

Hi again!

Making this cover song was pure FUN! This is my first try with HT2 - such a lovely tool for experimentation, although requiring planning in advance. I hope you like it smile



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Thank you,

My batteries are fresh then smile.

I bought second TI-82 Stats with the intention of synchronizing somehow both units, or atleast checking if they could synchronize in some degree - I quess it is not possible judging from your reply.


I was playing with my TI-83 and found that my notes are tuned 1/2 of a tone up. So A 440Hz is something like 460-470, which is A#. I just wanted to ask if maybe that would be my batteries, calc model, or something I am missing?

Last 2 days I've watched every movie about HT2, every version update from @utz, including seminars which were very fun to watch. I'm enjoying the whole concept alot smile.


It's great! Way beyond my imagination right now. I like the variety of effects & timbres. The "frozen" reverb tail at the end also complement the music.


I've managed to get it working! User manual led me to fail I think. As an absolute beginner I could't know that I need run ION first, before deleting ION and IONZ programs. Ok! Let's make some AFX Acid!!!


I've checked v2.20 and v2.30 and all gave me the same error messages.

Hi everyone!

After watching tubesockor videos about Houston Tracker on YT (great videos), I was simply blown away and I wanted to have the HT2 as soon as possible under my fingers. I bought used TI-83 calc, Silverlink Cable and patiently waited for delivery. Today I received the calc and the cable. All the installation was really hard for me, but eventualy, after 2,5 hours I figured it out and send all the files required. But immediately after hiting enter it gave me this error message.


Could anyone help me? If it required, I can record everything on video and post it here. Pleeease smile