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Topic: ht2.83p is crashing on start (TI-83)

Hi everyone!

After watching tubesockor videos about Houston Tracker on YT (great videos), I was simply blown away and I wanted to have the HT2 as soon as possible under my fingers. I bought used TI-83 calc, Silverlink Cable and patiently waited for delivery. Today I received the calc and the cable. All the installation was really hard for me, but eventualy, after 2,5 hours I figured it out and send all the files required. But immediately after hiting enter it gave me this error message.


Could anyone help me? If it required, I can record everything on video and post it here. Pleeease smile

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Re: ht2.83p is crashing on start (TI-83)


I've checked v2.20 and v2.30 and all gave me the same error messages.

Re: ht2.83p is crashing on start (TI-83)


I've managed to get it working! User manual led me to fail I think. As an absolute beginner I could't know that I need run ION first, before deleting ION and IONZ programs. Ok! Let's make some AFX Acid!!!