Topic: QED68 - 4ch pcm wav player for TI-92 Plus

Last year a kind soul donated his TI-92 Plus to me. A nice machine, with a 68k CPU running at 12 MHz, and of course a classic analogue IO port. Needless to say, something needed to be done, no matter how useless it would be considering hardly anybody owns this monster of a calc.

So lo and behold: QED68, a 4 channel PCM WAV module player running at around 24 KHz, with a total of 24 volume levels + overdrive. (And also my first forray into 68k territory).

demo tune
download (XM converter included)

The demo tune doesn't show off the sound quality that well, as I crunched the samples more than necessary (they're nominally at ~2750 Hz or so). The player will most likely also run on TI-89 and V200, but I can't verify this since I don't own these calcs.

Re: QED68 - 4ch pcm wav player for TI-92 Plus

I've seen a TI92 on a garage sale, but I found the price too high and I wasn't sure it would work. Now I regret it wink

Anyway, it's a cool song, like it makes me wish to hire you in my Metal band...

Re: QED68 - 4ch pcm wav player for TI-92 Plus

Hellyeah, I'd love to be in a Metal band big_smile Maybe one day I'll drop by for a feature or something.

TI-89s are usually a bit easier to come by, though at this point I can't guarantee that qed68 will actually work on the 89. Also, I'm afraid the package isn't the most user-friendly, since it relies on GCC4TI/TIGCC, which is rather tricky to set up.