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got TiLP installed made serial cable and using usb to DB9 serial adapter. When i select to link with black cable option I get an error message about the cable being initialised.... any clue?

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Uff... never tried this particular setup, so I don't really have a clue.
Perhaps you need a specific USB2Serial driver? People are using this one to drive their GrayLinks: … mp;pcid=41

In any case  I've sent the TiLP developer a mail, maybe he has a solution.


Lionel Debroux wrote:

The general rule is that such a setup cannot be made to work for the purposes of communicating with a TI calculator through the legacy I/O port, because AFAWCT, most USB / RS232 DB9 adapters don't provide the direct wire access that TI's custom half-duplex protocol needs.

At some point, someone mentioned that his PL2303-based adapter could do it, so I requested more information about it, and bought that particular
model. However, I never actually tested a known working BlackLink / $4 cable against it, so I can't point anyone to a precise model of an USB / RS232 DB9 adapter which I know works with them.

Nowadays, libticables provides a way to define the device corresponding to a cable handle, so that e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0 can be used instead of
/dev/ttyS0 on Linux. TILP doesn't provide an UI for the user to enter an alternate device, though, so users still have to resort to symlinks on Linux.

So, this doesn't sound very promising, unfortunately. You could still try the driver I linked above though, provided your adapter is PL2303 based.

UPDATE 2: Disregard my last statement.

Lionel Debroux wrote:

The GrayLink is a different matter. Unlike the BlackLink / $4 cable, it speaks a standard RS232 protocol, and performs two-way adaptation with TI's half-duplex protocol on the calculator side, without the computer being aware of TI's protocol.