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Happy Christmas Everyone.

Here is a version of the Robbie Williams synth-pop track taken down to 1-bit.

As usual I've used the Qchan sound engine and Beepola, I'm still not totally happy with the drums so may continue to work on it a little and I also haven't had time to record it from real hardware yet.

The original has quite a heavy chiptune feel to it so I thought it was fun to make a Speccy version.

Here is the link: … liams).mp3

I hope you like it smile

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it sounds very good. I didn't know Robbie Williams before to be honest. I'm sure you can grab some tricks from this cover for your own music I guess. Well done.

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Cheers Garvalf  smile

I wasn't sure if people would have heard the original as I don't think Robbie is very well known outside the UK.

I made this version over 12 months ago and have been using some of the Beepola techniques I learnt (pitch slides / synth FX) in some of my own Qchan tunes since.

Thanks a lot for your comments smile

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The bass reminds me much of your previous works, but there are some new things in this one, quite a Daft Punk feeling in fact. It's often a good thing to make covers because it helps to have a new view on how to compose a song (how it's structured and how melodies are made). I should do this more often.
The sound is good, which emulator are you using? (I guess there are some postprocessing as well)

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Cheers Garvalf. Yes maybe a bit Daft Punk sounding too. I like making covers but I'm really trying to compose some original Beeper tracks atm.

The sound was actually just from the .wav export option on Beepola. I put it though the usual EQ and Bass settings I always use on Open MTP. When I get around to recording it from my 48K Speccy I expect the output to have a bit more bass.

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Neat! Totally not a Robbie Williams fan, but you managed to make even this music sound pleasant to my ears smile

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Thanks utz smile