Topic: Customisable drums?

Just wanted to get people's thoughts on the topic, as there are an increasing amount of engines that support customiseable drums.

At the moment I'm using 1tracker with phaser3 engine. There is an option to import wavs of custom drums - when it comes to playing them, they end up sounding pretty unrecogniseable from the original wav, even when tweaking the length and threshold parameters.

The example tune for phaser3 does give some pretty clear drum instruments, so I'll just use those for now - but it would be nice to know how you go about generating them smile

Re: Customisable drums?

I haven't gotten around to trying out phaser3 yet, but nevertheless I'd say your best bet is to compress the sh*t out of your samples, and then give them a volume boost till they clip through the roof. Also I dunno at what rate Phaser3 plays back the samples, probably less than 44.1KHz. So you could try to pitch up your samples one or two octaves before importing.

Re: Customisable drums?

Thanks utz! Ill give those kinds of things a try. Sounds similar to the techniques best used for preparing samples for the nes DPCM channel.