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Unlike other similar pc speaker youtube playlists. My playlist only contains videos made by myself. As of writing this there are 225 videos on the playlist both are long form & short form. So yeah there is a lot to listen to in this playlist. I use DBGL & Dosbox & OBS Studio to make these videos and i use GIMP to make the custom thumbnails

I don't know if i should say this next part. But if you liked listening to my content then please consider to subscribe to my channel i would really appreciate it. Because the youtube algorithm doesn't really want to target the correct audience to listen to my videos. Keep in mind though that i also make other kinds of videos aside from 1-Bit Music.

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Wow, massive collection, pretty neat. I'd love to also see some demo songs from old PC Speaker editors like Music Construction Kit, Note Baron, VMusic, etc.

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Wow thank you very much. And yes i might consider recording PC Speaker demo songs from the music making programs that you have just mentioned. But as of now I'm still focusing on recording the remaining games that utilize the IBM PC Speaker for music

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Wow, massive list there.

Started listening to some of them.
Sounds like a few spectrum-like engines in there - Predator 2 for instance

I did a few PC Speaker tunes myself which actually got me into writing speccy 1-bit music … pc-speaker
This was recorded from dosbox and written using monotone on an old Toshiba laptop

I've written a few more PC speaker tunes but never recorded them

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Wow AtariTufty that's a nice bonus song you made there. Someday I also really want to make music for the IBM PC Speaker using Shiru8bit's PCSPE VSTi but unfortunately i'm a complete noob when it comes to making music. So i hope i can compose a song decently enough