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Have you guys seen this?

Brilliant version for the PET

Don't know what engine/software was used to create it.

Be great to hear it playing on a real PET

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Furnace tracker it is. It supports a gazillion of platforms. Not sure how did they get the low notes, tho, can't find a low level export there. Perhaps it is in-tracker only at the moment.

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Never mind the low notes, seems there's variable duty as well. I suppose it's not interrupt-driven, then? Anyway, I have my doubts about this. I mean for PET emulator support can't really be trusted. If they can get it to work on hw then that's awesome, though.

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Hmmm, yeah, I thought it was maybe a bit too good to be true smile

Seem to be a few 'Spectrum' tunes made with Furnace on YT too. Will be good if they do manage to export files that can be played on real hw to authenticate the tunes.

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Coincidentally updated on 2/Oct as well.

Download :

Even works on XP! Some 240 included music demos for differing platforms.
Can change to lots of different chipsets. Speccy included.  Doom level 1 (c64) demo still sounds half ok in ZX quadtone engine.
Appears to only export to WAV and pattern text output at this stage; unless I am missing something.
Haven't yet read the huge manual yet.

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I thought that hardware support was supposed to be added/extended in 0.6, but it seems indeed that hasn't happened yet. I trust they'll get around to it at some point, though.