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Just wondered if anyone knew of a utility/converter doc to create loading music (written to screen ram) ?

I’ve seen examples of it with the Star Wars imperial March and I think utz included a couple of bonus tracks done in this way on his dat fuzz cd


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Re: Loading music sound

I think (not really sure) I've seen an editor that has been used to make this demo, but I can't recall where it potentially could've get it. Perhaps it was on a forum back in the day.

Edit: oh yeah, it is actually mentioned in the comments. The link is dead, but saves the day: … uzyki.html

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Re: Loading music sound

Yep, I used that editor back in the day as well. Beware that it leaks memory like there's no tomorrow, so you probably want to run it in a virtual machine of sorts.

Here's a recent loader music thingy: … hp?t=10085

Re: Loading music sound

Thanks guys.

Yeah it was the manic water recent demo that prompted my post