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Found this the other day. Had a quick search through the previous posts and couldn't find a reference to this being posted before.

Tim Follin's Star Tip 2: … y_hex.html … xdump.html

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That's actually the routine that goes under the 'Tim Follin 3ch' title in 1tracker, added there good 11 years back. To my knowledge, no one ever used it for a song.

It is a three channel engine that has a specific limitation in that three channels share the same exact note length and 'volume' (duty cycle) envelope. I.e. you can't play a long note and a number of shorter ones at the same time. It is also prone to very severe detune, so all note combinations has to be tuned up by the ear to sound properly.

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I think TDM used this engine in their tracks:

1. Foltrax (7:47)

2. Insane Organist part II (9:40)

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I tried using it, and it soundly defeated me. As in, I don't understand how to make a track in it without going insane.
I don't even want to imagine what the 5ch player is going to be like, as that actually consists of the 3ch one plus some extra stuff, if I understood correctly.