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Topic: Tim Follin's source disks recovered

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I used to work at Software Creations with the Follin brothers, and we've kept in touch since. A year or so ago Tim gave me a box of 3" disks with music source code on, authored on a Tatung Einstein. It's taken me up until now to get my act together, and have finally started copying the files to PC and dumping them on GitHub with their blessing. There's a mixture of Spectrum/Amstrad AY and SID stuff on here, in assembly language. Enjoy.

AgentX II converted to SjASM format here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aseo2tznvgm6k … M.zip?dl=1

Edit: The Agent X 2 source is in Disk05 Side B of the github archive.

Re: Tim Follin's source disks recovered

Sorry for the late reply. Shiru had already posted this, so let's continue the discussion there: