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Topic: Bintracker - windows release.

I welcome Utz to jump in here and fix/comment/add to this.

For those not on his mailing list :
I read in my emails this morning (5/Feb) with great enthusiasm in BinTracker #10 News, that a windows build is now released.


Re: Bintracker - windows release.

Ah, glad to hear there's at least one person who's exited about this! smile Haven't had much response about it otherwise yet. Well, that's also partly my fault because I just can't be bothered to do a whole lot of promotion. And to be fair, it's not that big of a deal in the end, as there's not all that much functionality available yet. For my part I'm really happy to finally have Windows builds though, as this was the last major challenge. From here on, it's mostly smaller, incremental changes that won't require me working on the same thing for weeks on end.

Anyway, yeah, go check out Bintracker, and let me know about any bugs you come across!