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Topic: Beeper engines conversions to 8080

Beeper engines converted mainly to Vector-06C and also to Apogee (Phaser1) and Lvov PK-01 (Music Studio) ussr retrocomputers with 8080 cpu (and 8253 timer on Vector and Apogee). Converted engines: Music Studio, OctodeXL, Phaser1, Stoker, Tritone. Links to last conversions starting from this post on russian forum. Unfortunately only few examples from real hardware available (Phaser1 from Apogey, OctodeXL from Vector-06C)

Re: Beeper engines conversions to 8080

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately it's a bit hard for me to follow zx-pk.ru, as google translate does not do a very good job translating the mostly informal language used there.

Is the 8080 source code available for these ports?

Also, first time I hear about Lvov PK-01. Found this emulator, is it any good?
EDIT: nevermind, seems it's also available in MAME. Hard to find documentation on the machine, though.

Re: Beeper engines conversions to 8080

I planning to make source code available in the future. I am still trying to improve these ported engines.
Lvov (lviv) cpu has wait states and the only emulator (as far as i know) that trying to represent that is Emu80. It is not perfect but very close. Source code available. There is dedicated forum for Lvov.

Re: Beeper engines conversions to 8080

Side note, SjAsmPlus actually has support for 8080 with Z80 syntax, it basically limits valid supported opcodes to the 8080 subset. Activated with --i8080 flag. As there isn't many (if any) good modern 8080 cross assemblers, it comes very handy.

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