Topic: Spectronica (Part 2) new tune


I've just uploaded my new tune Spectronica (part 2) to youtube.

Written using Bintracker and utz's Pytha engine

Re: Spectronica (Part 2) new tune

Absolutely massive composition, mate. Somehow I can never force myself to polish 'em so much.
Also lol @ "This is from the Pentagon 128, a Russian Spectrum clone that was fan made." Where do these people come from.

Re: Spectronica (Part 2) new tune

Cheers utz, yeah I spent a few weeks on this one polishing. Still not happy with the simple drums so I might lower the bd value so not quite as prominent or add a few more zap infills.

I don't like to include too much percussion as I prefer the overall sound to be more electronic music than chiptune, if that's possible with a beeper tune.

There are a couple of notes that sound a bit off on real hw too but fine on emulator so I'll tweak those.

I will only release the real hw recording as I still remember mister beeps words of wisdom. I often think it's cheating releasing recordings from emulators.

Yeah I saw that comment about thinking it was being played on a Russian clone. Very odd