Topic: List of calculator engines

Below you will find a list of multi-channel 1-bit sound routines available for various calculators. If you know of any other, please post them below.

Texas Instruments Z80

AudaciTI by Hayleia
- TI-83+/84+
- 4 channels
- OR/AND sound
- basic on-calc editor available
Editor is not quite finished and can't create new songs yet. To take full advantage of the routine you must manually write song data into an 8xv appvar. Documentation on the file format is here (in the spoiler).

CalcMod 2.2 by Paul Marks and Dhordain Florent
- TI-83+/84+
- 2 channels
- square wave sound
download, manual

HoustonTracker by utz
- TI-73/82/83/83+/84+
- 3 engines in one on-calc editor
- 2-4 channels, PFM (pin pulse) and pulse-interleaving (square wave) sound
- has been discontinued because of critical bugs (especially on 83+/84+) and bad interface. You might still be able to squeeze a tune out of it though.

QuadPlayer by Ben Ryves
- TI-83+/84+
- 4 channels
- pulse-interleaving (square wave) sound
mobileTunes 3.2, a QuadPlay player by KermMartian

rawp-ti by utz
- TI-82/83/83+/84+
- 2 channels + interrupting hihat
- 13 different instruments, limited volume control

TI 1-bit pack by utz
- TI-82/83
- build Huby, LSEngine, The Music Studio, Octode, Qchan, Wham!, and ZX10 tracks from music.asm source

Sharp PC-1403(H)

Osaka 2 by utz
- 2 channels + interrupting click drums
- pulse-interleaving (square wave) sound
download (includes XM converter)