Topic: Identify the engine ???


Just downloaded a bunch of amazing games in the coding compo:

One amazing game called 'Valley of Rains' has a great beeper title track.

At first I thought it was SFX but on closer listen the synth sounds more like a Follin engine and the drums are different to SFX.

Any ideas?

Maybe one of Shiru's new 1tracker engines (Buzz click) or a follin engine with drums added ?

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Re: Identify the engine ???

I'm pretty sure that ZOSYA is in fact Oleg Origin undercover (and it is not clear whether he is really an actual person, too). Oleg is known for disassembling a good amount of better classic engines back in 2012, such as Trantor and Dark Fusion, as well as making a few new ones, but he never released the source to those. Sounds much like one of the latter.

Not BuzzKick for sure.

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