Topic: Now writing articles on music engine integration

To make it easier for other to make games based with Z88dk and using various music engines, I'm now writing some articles on the music engines.

So far I've covered NanoBeep and Huby.  Coming up soon are articles on AntEater, Ntropic, Phaser and Tritone.

My articles can be found at:

They are not meant to be technically advanced articles, as the advanced programmers already know how to do this sort of thing, but I think they can be a good reference point for anyone.


Re: Now writing articles on music engine integration

BTW, Here's my current game song using 1Tracker and AntEater with the loops and patterns I placed in anteater.

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Re: Now writing articles on music engine integration

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A small note about Huby, using Beepola/1tracker is strictly optional for transcriptions. You can also generate music data directly from the imported MIDI data in OpenMPT by using the Huby XM converter. However, the best option is always to ask a chiptune musician to do a cover for you, rather than converting from MIDI data wink