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Hi Guys

Anyone seen this before?

I stumbled upon it on youtube and thought you might find it interesting smile

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Tesla Coil Music was actually featured in a Disney's movie 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' from 2010. The main character was a nerd who experimented with the coils, used them to play music to impress a girl, then used them in order to defeat the main villain (as far as I remember). So the thing kind of had a wide public exposure.

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Cheers Shiru, I've not seen that movie, I'll have to check it out smile

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Yup, tesla coil music is great. I do regard it as a sort of sister scene, actually, because they are using some techniques that we're using as well. They seem somewhat centered on MIDI-driven covers rather than own creations, but on the other hand I've also seen very interesting experiments with PWM sampling, for example. And of course, lots of pulse frequency modulation. Would be nice to get some of these folks aboard here, but it seems they have their own hangout places already. And I don't have the resources to get into their world, either.

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I love this. I own a Tesla Coil... but it's a very tiny one, bought for a few € on aliexpress. You can send some music in it. I've done it but the sound is very weak. I've tried to record it on video but we can barely hear it.