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Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Oh, I'm glad then. I feared it could be broken during shipping, or the package would be too thick.

For flashing, you only need to unplug MIDI from the board (or the synth) otherwise it won't transfer. I was thinking to add an extra jumper which would have been easier to remove than the midi plug, but there already too many jumpers on this board! I have a midi connector with double female input and 2 midi cable, like this one https://www.ebay.fr/itm/5-Pin-Din-MIDI- … SwYwJaQj5z this way it's easier to unplug when I'm working on a sketch and it won't tire my equipment.

For Mozzi, any sketch from their website should work (except hifi of course), as I've used standard pin 9 for output, so you can try them. There aren't many for using with MIDI unfortunately. On my github there are a few I've adapted or copied from somewhere else, like from CheapSynth project: https://github.com/farvardin/garvuino/t … ches/mozzi (lowpassfilter + midi is not working yet). I want to do more!
Their demos, like low pass filter, FM synth etc are impressives!

There are some extra PIN (both input and output) on the board you can use, for example to add sensors or potentiometer (but you'll need to code this or adapt some code from somewhere else). I also plan to add some more examples because I like those cheap synth sounds! I already have some potentiometer and sensors sketches for other projects, I need to adapt them to Mozzi!

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Mine has been delivered today smile

Will hopefully have time to try it out tonight.

Cheers smile

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Just testing the 'Garvuino' now.

Wow, sound output is fantastic, crisp, clear and accurate. It plays the Phaser 1 demo track flawlessly. Can't wait to flash it with one of my qchan tracks smile

Excellent work mate smile

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Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

I'm glad it works fine for this one too! The excellent work is not mine but Shiru's one! I've just followed some recommendation for adding all this together. I hadn't your qchan tracks so I haven't tried them yet. It should sound good I believe; If you need some help with the converter, just tell me. It you manage to convert them, please share wink (I could also put them in the repository if you don't mind, and I can add copyright as well)

I hope you'll like the AY sounds as well!

I've just updated the repository: https://github.com/farvardin/garvuino
1/ The doc in pdf version should look better now! (the html output on github is less good but I'll fix it later)
2/ There is a new sketch! https://github.com/farvardin/garvuino/t … header_sid
It's still a work in progress, but if you use a mpu6050 gyroscope module (very cheap on ebay, around 3 €) and a few wires, you'll be able to drive the SID sound with the gyroscope. Not very useful, but quite funny. My goal is to create a noise box which could make some interesting output.
3/ I've also noticed an old project is working on the "garvuino", you can convert some midi files and the board can replay them with a chiptune sound (up to 3 voices, and it's also possible to have 4 voices): https://bitbucket.org/farvardin/playtune-arduino (you have to connect the pins 5 and 6 to the AY>L and AY>R pin)
No sound demo at the moment, it's the same used there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8czbvo_hF8 (but it'll sound better from headphone / jack recording)

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

I've just pushed on the qchan repositories a few songs from AtariTufty's excellent album 1-bit mechanistic: https://github.com/farvardin/garvuino/t … uino_qchan

I hadn't the source for them but I forgot beepola's excellent feature to import / rip songs from .tap files.

And it sounds pretty well on the Arduino, especially Robotix!


Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Mate, please put one of these boards aside for me. I've got too much on my head right now to dig into this, but I will eventually wink

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Hehe that's great, thanks Garvalf. I'll try and figure out how to put a new 1-bit track on the board.


Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

@utz sure, I try to always keep a few boards in advance. I've only sold 3 so far but I haven't advertise it everywhere. I'll order a new batch of PCB soon. In the case I won't sell the first batch, I'll make a great beeper orchestra will all the extra boards! smile

@AtariTufty: the doc should explain all, I hope (I've just updated it today). If it's not clear tell me and I'll try to improve it. I've already converted the track to a library (.h file) so it's easier.

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Hi garvalf, I am uploading SID MIDI code, it compiles (Arduino 1.06, using old version, too old ?), and uploads but no sound.

There are two ZIP-archives, sid.zip and midi.zip, I unzipped midi.zip and put that to Arduino compiler as library, not sure if this went as it should, any tips more than welcome smile

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

.... and same with SID-library, updated Arduino to 1.6.4, compiles and uploads fine, I can see that it is getting MIDI messages, changed #define USBMIDI 0, still no sound. Tips, yes, needed, thanks smile !

Re: PCB for Beeper (and other chiptunes) musics

Hi, sorry for the answering delay, haven't been on the forum for a few days...
For adding a library, there is an option in "sketches" => include library => add zip library, but I suppose what you did was correct. You should see the new library in the menu anyway, in "contributed libraries".

1.6.4 is not the most recent version but anyway, most if not all arduino versions should work. I've just tried with 1.6.5 and it's ok for me.

When I upload a sketch, I must unplug the midi cable from the garvuino, otherwise it won't upload (anyway there should be an error when trying to do so with a midi cable plugged).
When I play a note, the "rx" led is blinking. When I push the switch button, there is a sound, and the blue led (on the board) is blinking as well. Is it the same for you?

Can you try uploading the sid_player sketch? is there sound with it?