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Topic: Phaser3

Another take on the Phaser engine. This time it has been developed for 1tracker off the bat, so it is already supported there.

While Phaser2 has more or less solid design, basically just doubled Phaser1 synth plus more flexible and usable synth drums, Phaser3 contains more experimental features that is not clear whether they're useful or not.

Phase synth got some changes and many additions.

Phase reset is now performed in the instrument rather than the track, with option to reset phase to a given value or run the phase freely. There is new a parameter, phase slide, that slowly gets phase of both generators equal to each other (only possible when Detune=0); lower value means faster slide. This allows to create sound similar to the pin pulse engines (with decaying 'volume'), by setting mix mode to XOR, phase to a low value, like 8-16, and phase slide to some value.

Another new parameter is a virtual volume, based on the approach mentioned by me in this thread. It is a bit mask, so despite there is 16 possible values, only 1, 3, 7, and 15 create new volume levels. It brings a very noticeable carrier tone, though, so this feature has very limited use.

There is two more new parameters, separate tone slide for both generators. It has limited range, from -4 to 4 (fastest down to no slide to fastest up), and no limits on the upper and lower boundaries, so the sound has to be stopped manually.

This time I decided to explore different approach and get back to the popular Phaser1 feature. Thus the engine uses sampled drums that can now be imported from WAV files. It should help to make their sound less signature while keeping high quality.

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Amazing. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement, you've raised the bar to near unreachable levels once again!
Btw just recompiled 1tracker from source, still works fine with krue's patch.

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Wow, great, every beeper engine from you is a treat! Great, will study it next week.