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This guy has a unique take on 1-bit music. Check it out.

Tronimal wrote:


The new ZX Spectrum Beeper Album
"Tronimal - Eins"
is available now!
As Stream, Download or limited SD Card Version.

Tronimal Eins

This Album is completely written for
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Beeper
using different engines in Beepola.
Music and lyrics written by Tronimal,
except Durchbruch (original song by Zweitgolf).
All songs were recorded from a real Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K
without any extension or modification.

Stream/Download Version contains 7 songs. Available for free as usual, with pay-what-you-want option.
Playtime 11:47 Min

The Special SD Cart Edition is limited to a maximum of 100 pieces.
It contains 8 songs, as well as 8 TAP files to play the instrumental versions on original ZX Spectrum or via emulator.
Playtime 13:00 Min

Tronimal SD

There will be a CD released later as well. It contains 10 songs. The releasedate is unknown yet.
Playtime 16:14 Min

T-Shirts are in the making and one of them is already on the way.
Much better Quality than my Shirts before.
Colour Black

Tronimal Shirt


additional information:
SD Card Version contains:
SD Card with Label-Sticker, an extra Sticker, a Booklet (3x3cm) and a transparent Shell!


Many Thanks to Thomas, Jens, Markus, irrlicht project & Zweitgolf!


CC-BY 2016

For more information visit

Re: New Album: Tronimal - Eins

Wow, great release smile

I've always thought the future of beeper was to have lyrics over the top and I've often thought about doing this sort of track myself although probably with vocoder or speech synthesizer. I remember Mister Beep shared with us his idea of singing over Furious Bees a few years ago.

Really like the fact he's used plip plop and phaser 1 for some of the tracks and also like his selection of merchandise.

Great achievement, congrats Tronimal smile

Re: New Album: Tronimal - Eins

Wow !

There's a video now too: … ease-eins/

Great stuff smile