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Topic: Beeper emulator of AY-chip!!! 8-)

Guys, I thought that you may enjoy finding out that NEO SPECTRUMAN over at zx-pk.ru has just released a Spectrum 48K-based emulator of AY/AY chip for a ZX Spectrum beeper. I have no time to read the code and analyse its features, but it seems pretty functional and it does sound very impressive indeed.

The original post (in Russian) is over here: http://zx-pk.ru/showthread.php?p=839299

A collection of working snapshots is available at: http://zx-pk.ru/attachment.php?attachme … 1446493866

All sources etc: https://yadi.sk/d/5EX7n_JZkC2NJ

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Very impressive. Thanks a lot introspec smile

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Wow, that is an impressive feat indeed. My congrats to NEO SPECTRUMAN. I hope we can learn something from the code, though so far to me it seems like an incomprehensible jungle.

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Re: Beeper emulator of AY-chip!!! 8-)


I can't get the first 2 links, and I don't know how to register (can't find the option on the page, only the one to login). I've downloaded the last link, I guess the examples are the same. Yet, when I open one example from examples/tap with fuse, I get only "bytes : vtplayer bytes: songname"
With sna only a blank screen. How is it supposed to work?

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zx-pk.ru is down today, so be patient wink Not much to see there besides what's in the zip, just an additional mp3 recording.
The files in /examples/sna/osc7 beeper should work, the rest of the .sna files is for Covox sound add-on which fuse doesn't emulate.
The tap files are broken for me too, so I wonder what's up with those.

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ah, thanks.

examples/sna/osc7 beeper are working for me too. It's very impressive, yes.

I hope to see more idiot-friendly tools for helping the conversion for people like me because it's quite obscure now smile

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I think it is not fully perfect, because some of the examples in the long list of examples appear to crash. And you are right, utz, the code is a bit messy, but what do you want smile  Anyway, the black line on top of the screen during the playback is the standard Vortex Tracker player. You are supposed to compile the binary @ #6200 (doing it from memory) and then the assembly emulator just picks up the register values from PT3 player memory. So, I am 100% it can be improved quite a bit by switching to a PSG player.

Anyway, it is more important at this stage to understand his code for PWM, because these files are frankly monstrous smile