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Topic: Introductory tape for Didaktik M


I haven't been here for some time, and it seems the whole forum was a bit moved/restarted now, so I registered again. :-)

Do you guys know this tape? This was the second program, preloaded on the introductory cassette tape (included in the box) for Didaktik M, at least the model 1991 I had.
It contains 2 nice beeper tunes, one is Fuxoft's cover of Jean Michael Jarre's Magnetic Fields, part IV, using elaborate WHAM! techniques,  and the second one is Jan Deak's (R.I.P., master) own ZX-10 4ch routine, remix of Slovak pop-music (Vidiek - Vidiecan, Elan - Tulaci v podchodoch, Marika Gombitova - Koloseum, Richard Muller - Po schodoch etc.).

For many of us this was the very first tune we heard form our own computer - memories that can be never erased :-D. I think it just deserves to be added to the collection here:



P.S.: btw. what happened to the previous forum? where is Mr. Beep?

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Re: Introductory tape for Didaktik M

Hej Zilog,

Glad you found the new forums! I sent you a mail about the new place a while ago, seems that got lost somehow?
It's a long story about the old forum, I'd rather explain it by mail.

Also wow, I've never heard of that Didaktik M demo tape before. I agree it should be added to the z80 portal for sure, not only because of the historic relevance, but also because these cover tunes are excellent. Hearing Jan Deak's work brings tears to my eyes...

Re: Introductory tape for Didaktik M

Hi Zilog

I've never seen the Didatik M demo tape before either. The music is great, particularly Jan Deak's tune.

Thanks for uploading the .tap smile