Topic: The Spectrum Vega

Well I've done it!

I've re-mortgaged the house, sold the dog (he took it very well) and bought a Spectrum Vega today smile

Mister Beep tells me the Beeper sound quality is great and very accurate so I can't wait to record something from it.

Hopefully some of the thousands of new Vega owners may find their way here if they fancy doing something creative with their new toy (once the nostalgia of Manic Miner and Jetpac has worn off) and write some music to play on it. I plan to post on the Vega forums once mine arrives.


Re: The Spectrum Vega

It'd be great if someone from the crowd of new owners would use the machine for creative purposes. Though I'm afraid it'll be mostly games and nostalgia. Which I don't have in regards to the Spectrum, hence the Vega has little appeal to me. If I were to get an FPGA emulator, it'd have to be a Speccy2010 or something of that sort.