Topic: new beeper engine: Tritone FX

My apologies for yet another engine: Tritone FX.
From the readme:

Tritone FX is a rewrite of the Tritone routine by Shiru. Like in the original, 
there are 3 tone channels with variable duty cycle. However, Tritone FX adds a
few twists.

Things added:

- Effects tables: Tritone FX can change pitch, duty, and note lengths on the fly
  during note playback, using table-based fx execution. With this, it is no
  longer necessary to use the player at hypersonic speeds to achieve some of the
  effects heard in more advanced Tritone tracks, for example by Strobe or
- Noise. Channel 1 can be used to output noise instead of tone. Toggeling the
  output mode of ch1 can be done via an fx command, so you can combine noise and
  tone in one note.

- Per-row tempo control: The song tempo can be set at any time.

Things changed:

- Channel volume difference is less pronounced than in the original Tritone. The
  loudest channel is ch2 (40%), followed by ch3 (32%), followed by ch1 (28%).
- Data format is changed completely, so original Tritone songs will not be

Things removed:

- Click drums. Removed because they would create too much bloat in the song 
  data. I believe they are no longer needed, given the added functionality.

Unfortunately there is currently no editor available for this routine, and it
would be too complex to simulate via an XM template. So, for the time being,
the only option is to code the music by hand, in asm.

example tune

Re: new beeper engine: Tritone FX

interesting sounds and effects...

you're very creative Utz...

Re: new beeper engine: Tritone FX

Wow utz you're on a roll, another very interesting engine !

Would be great to hear something written with it by one of the high speed tritone experts like Brightentayle, Raphaelgoulart, Strobe, Moviemovies1 or FrankT.

What's next?

Can I suggest Qchan XL with a bass channel and quieter drums wink

Re: new beeper engine: Tritone FX

Hehe I was thinking about something like this just the other day. I actually have a concept for something like it in my head. It would probably have just 3 channels, but with volume control similar to Octode XL, except with the same "per-tick" system applied, so you could make arbitrary envelopes like in Stocker.