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Oh this horrible emptyness... better fill up the board with some useless crap tongue

So, here's a little 128 byte beeper demo I made for Outline a few weeks ago. Basically what it does is play back the Spectrum's ROM as a 3-channel beeper tune, and also produce some glitch visuals on the side. Unsurprisingly, it couldn't really compete with the all the mindblowing stuff that other people made for the compo. But considering it was my first 128 byte prod, I'm nontheless proud of it wink

You can download it here, or watch it on youtube.

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Well, I actually thought that it was vastly under-appreciated. It is very musical for 128b. How did you generate the progression?

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Uh... at the end I didn't even know myself anymore what is going on in this mess of code. Mind you most of it was written at the party big_smile

The basic trick is that it's using a pentatonic scale. So the output will sound more or less harmonic regardless of the combination of tones.

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it sounds (and looks) great! The first places are not that impressive in comparison in my opinion...

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Ah yes, the famous Dancebit smile A true classic!