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The fw has now been updated on the new speccy handheld, the ZX Touch. The release notes say it now enables beeper scanning every 4 clock cycles aligning with the execution time of a single z80 instruction. The carrier frequency now exceeding the human audible range on pwm engines again.

Ofcourse I tested a Pytha tune first as I find these the hardest to play correctly (still can’t get Spectronica to play properly on my next with frequency drops in places).

Here’s the ZX Touch in action

Re: ZX Touch console

Pah, kids and their hipster gadgets nowadays big_smile

There are plenty of z80 instructions which are neither 4 cycles nor a multiple thereof, so that statement is kind of bollocks. Sampling every 4 cycles should still be good enough though, since most beeper engines align output to 8 cycles. To do things properly however one should sample at every clock cylce, and then apply a low-pass at half the sample rate of the emulated output.

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Haha hipster middle aged nostalgia nerds more like smile
I thought you'd say something about a low-pass smile

I'm just happy the gadget seems to play our beeper stuff OK now