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Hi Guys

Does anyone have a link to a download for the ZX Beeper album that John Norton Irr released around 2013?

There used to be a link on the old forum that I used to follow, there was also a really cool album by AER that I used to listen to that was listed below the John Norton Irr one.

I'm trying to collect all the ZX Beeper albums released.
So far I have:

Monophonic Generator     -        Mister Beep (2009)
The Lowest Fidelity            -        Mister Beep (2010)
Exile                            -        Voxel (2010)
A Thousand Furious Bees    -        Mister Beep (2011)
Z80                            -        Mister Beep (2012)
The Journey Begins            -        1-Bit Wizards (2012)
Chromospheric Flares            -        Mister Beep (2014)
Dat Fuzz                        -        Irrlicht Project (2014)
1-Bit Mechanistic            -        Tufty (2014)
In Memoriam of Jan Deak    -        Various (2014)
One Myth                        -        Garvalf (2015)

Can anyone think of any others?

Re: 1-bit ZX Beeper albums

Not contemporary and not ZX, but there are a few ones from the early days of 1-bit music:

Rekengeluiden van PASCAL - VA (1962)
D21 - In Memoriam - D22  - Göran Sundqvist (1970)

There are a couple more old ones, but I'll have to dig for those later.

Re: 1-bit ZX Beeper albums

don't forget 1-Bit Music (2004-2005), by Tristan Perich! wink

Re: 1-bit ZX Beeper albums

Ah yes, how could I forget '1-Bit Music' ?  wink

Fair play to Tristan, he's now got the album on Spotify too!

Was really ZX Beeper music I was interested in though.