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Other than that Petscii robot game, I've not heard any other things for the Vic. I did port 512beeporgy to the Vic but it too noisy as there no way to disable the screen and definitely not ready for primetime. The original C-64 version did that.

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I tried to push some 1-bit techniques on the Vic some years ago, but didn't get very far. 656x sound is very weird, and it seems to me there's a large number of quirks and oddities that are completely undocumented.

So, until we can come up with something better, how about some classic out-of-the-box, non-1bit VIC bleeps instead:

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A regular VIC-20 sound chip sound is heard in some demoscene productions. The chip is actually interesting to explore, as it is capable to produce not just square wave, but bit patterns. I've tried to exploit this trick in the PETSCII Robots driver, but it didn't turn good enough. There is a lot to be explored. A glimpse of this is heard in the video linked by utz.

As for 1-bit stuff on VIC-20. Well, it is 6522 then, so exactly the same thing as the stuff that I did for the PET.

A spoiler: a native PET PeskySound-driven editor has been put into the queue of projects some time back. Should be portable to the whole 6522-equipped Commodore range easily enough.

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Utz, that is an incredible song! Just my style too. wink
Shiru, I was aware and have tried the PeskySound driver but I'd like something different.
   There has been a few other developments. There is a sid emulator and a program that expands the freq resolution from 7 to 10 bits. Both use the nmi and are by Aleski Eeben. I worked on another project to multiplex the oscillators with the nmi as per the pulse interleaving method as I understood it. It works but not the way I hoped. Incrementally going though it's range there is the odd up and down ramping effect. Yes, incrementing can periodically make the frequency go down makes me scratch my head. There's a fundamental I'm missing here. It actually worked better on the irq minus the drone of 50 hz switching.

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Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. There are some things going on with VIC sound which just leave me scratching my head. In any case, considering the strong low-pass filtering, I guess anything that involves fast switching might be out of the question. Haven't studied Aleksi Eeben's code, so I don't know how it works, but my guess would be that it's mainly writing to the global volume reg?