Topic: Caustic 3 and beeper

If you ever interested about making music using a modern Android phone/tablet, you probably know one of the best mobile DAWs out there, Caustic 3. Not terribly powerful compared to desktop DAWs, but very solid, packed with great synths that cover up nearly all synthesis methods imaginable, and the UI is impressively useable with a touch screen. And it runs even on a dog turd type of devices, I tested it on an old, extremely sluggish 512M tablet, and it was totally useable. The app is not free (save/export disabled in the demo), though, but it is very cheap, and there is a fully functional free desktop PC version, too (hint, you can use it on a W10 tablet).

Now, how it could be useful for our dirty 1-bit deeds. There is a synth in the app called PCMSynth. Basically it is a powerful sample player. Recently I learned that besides of its own custom format it can also load any SF2 files. There is another synth called BeatBox, a sample powered drum machine, that supports loading sounds from regular WAV files.

So we can just get a SF2 pack of beeper tones, and perhaps a set of WAV files for drums (or just the same SF2 through PCMSynth). This could get really handy to prototype some beeper music on a go.

So far I did two SF2 packs and tried to use them, seems to be not too bad at all:

Lyndon Sharp's three engines

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