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Hi Guys

My new album 'Spectronica' is finally released smile

59mins over 15 tracks using Qchan, Phaser1, Phaser3, Zbmod, Pytha and Rombeep engines.

Recorded from real ZX Spectrum hardware as usual.

Cow Tongue Taco Records have also produced a limited edition set of blood red tapes.

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Great stuff.
Cassette ordered!  (And Mp3 downloaded).
Have you got details of which track is which engine?

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Thanks a lot for your support, hope you like the tape smile
I think Cow Tongue Taco Records did an amazing job, they're selling a lot quicker than I expected.
There should be a text file with the digital download detailing the tracks, the engines are:

1.Space Beeps (pt.1)  Qchan
2.P.F.M.  Qchan
3.Space Beeps (pt.2)  Phaser 1
4.Beeper X-panded  Qchan
5.The Temporal Beeper  zbmod
6.Cyber Imperial  Qchan
7.Rude-House Beeps  zbmod
8.Electrostatic  Phaser 3
9.Still Fascinated  Qchan
10.1-Bit Mechanoid  speech synth-phaser1 (normal drums) -qchan-phaser1 (digi drums)
11.Spectronica  Pytha
12 Space Beeps (Full) Basic beeps-Qchan-phaser1-Qchan-phaser1-rombeep
13.Difficult for Cyborgs  Qchan
14.Beautiful Island Pulse Waves  Qchan
15.Spectronica (ZX Omni edit)  Pytha

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Of course I've already told you a few times that this is a fantastic album but... Awesome album is awesome. It not only shows how far we've come in terms of beeper sound, but even more importantly it shows how far you've come as a composer since (the already outstanding) 1-bit Mechanistic. Well done, mate.

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Never replied to this. Thanks a lot mate.
I've always been spurred on by trying to compete with yours and Mister Beeps releases. It seems people are still trying hard with 1-bit beeper tracks, the entries in this year's BOTB Winterchip were all great, one of the strongest categories I thought.