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Here we go, the 1-Bit Forum Music Competition 2015 is open for submissions now! There are five categories, of course you're welcome to submit works to each of them.

General Rules
  • Any editor/routine is allowed, you can even write a new one if you like.

  • Works must be unreleased, and may not be published before the end of the compo.

  • Original works only, covers are not allowed.

  • Submissions must be anonymous (ie. no author names in source, binary, or mp3 tags).

  • Submit works in emulator format (.tap, .sna, .xex, etc.), and also provide mp3 renders for all your works.

  • For each entry, provide a seperate ID/readme file with info on author, title, tools used, platform, and how to run your entry on emulator/hardware.

  • Categories that receive less than 3 entries may be dropped or merged into the Wild category.

  • By submitting, you agree that your works will be made available for free download after the contest.

  • Only registered members of the 1-Bit Forum may vote.

UPDATE: NEW DEADLINE: Sept. 13th, 2015

Send your submissions to 1bitcompo AT randomflux DOT info.
Please don't send mp3 renders directly, but upload them to a file hoster instead and provide a link in your submission email.


1-bit Classic

Write music for ZX Spectrum beeper and/or Atari 8bit GTIA. Maximum 2 submissions per author.

1-bit Alternative

Write music for any 1-bit platform of your choice, including but not limited to PC Speaker, Apple hooter, ZX81, calculators, Apogee, Channel F.
Maximum 1 submission per platform per author.

1-bit Wild

The category for "fake" 1-bit, made with VSTis, DSSIs, samples, etc. Anything goes as long as it sounds 1-bit. Max. 1 work per author.

1-bit 1K

Write a 1-bit tune that fits into one kilobyte. Works on any platform are accepted, maximum 2 submissions per author.
Maximum uncompressed binary size (ie. size of the player code + song data) = 1024 byte. Headers/loaders etc. don't count towards the file size.
Please submit an additional .bin file along with the usual tap/sna/xex.

1-bit Code

Write a new 1-bit routine for a platform of your choice. You can submit as many entries as you want to this category. Submissions don't need to be anonymous, in case you're worried someone's going to steal the code.
Submission format is plaintext .asm. Provide a short track demonstrating the capabilities of your routine (binary/emulator format + mp3 render). In the info file, state the specifications of your routine. Providing an editor/converter is not required, however it may positively influence your score if you do.

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Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

Sounds exciting; expect to hear a tune or two from me!


Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

Yeah, good to have you aboard. Also, welcome to teh Forum wink

Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

If you had some banner, I would have posted it on ZX-Art smile

Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

Ok folks, I just updated the rules - submissions to the Code category don't need to be anonymous if you're worried about people stealing your code.

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Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

I've posted the information on several retrogaming / retrocomputing / linux forums (in French): … ique-1-bit … mp;t=39306 … amp;t=6552 … ique-1-bit … ique-1-bit … forumId=44

Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

Wow garvalf, that's a lot of spamming wink Thanks a ton for spreading the word!

Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

Deadline extended till Sunday, September 13th, because some people asked for more time. Also, we need more works in the "alternative platforms" category!

Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

The contest is now closed. Thanks to everybody who submitted!
Vote page/pack will go online tonight or tomorrow at the latest.


Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

Vote page is up!

Voting deadline is Sunday, September 20th.


Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015


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Re: 1-Bit Forum Music Compo 2015

voted too. Last limit tomorrow.


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