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I've seen Abrimaal just released a new cool and crazy beeper album:

you can listen to it there:

One of my favorites is DoomBass, but I enjoy also some Tim Follin like tunes such as MidiaNoctum, Red Sector Intro or Love at the First Beep!

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Thanks Garvalf for the link.

Some great tracks on it, very inventive and interesting.

Love the X-Bass on Beep Hunters, it really improves the track.

Lofi samples and plip plop engine on Don't fear the Beeper !
Love at the first Beep - cool mixing and stereo effects.
More lofi samples and AY drums over the beeper music on other tracks.
Like the Red Sector intro too (improved mixing from the Dihalt version) and Teddybear's Funeral with its multiple engines.

Great Stuff smile

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Great stuff indeed! Very quirky and unique. I like his other stuff as well.

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Thanks for your reviews smile
The mixing of the original songs was a mistake. The left channel of the AY was connected to the right speaker and vice versa. That's why the AY drums go from right to left.
In the .mp3 versions I swapped the channels, but the ZX versions are not corrected yet.

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Abrimaal music:

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Do you have any plans to release a ZX musicdisk/tape version of the album?
Also, do you have the lyrics for "The Eternal" somewhere? I think I would like to cover that song some time.