Topic: Impure 1-bit gabber I made :)

Was playing with Buran Electronics Lunchbeat this evening and recorded some horrible gabber big_smile I cheated tho in that i recorded to tape multitrack with extra fx from a bass synth pedal, and lots of distortion and eq fiddling.  Anyway thought someone might like to hear smile

Re: Impure 1-bit gabber I made :)

Hehe, sounds good to my ears big_smile
Haven't heard about the Lunchbeat before. Is it in any way related to Noah Vawter's 1bit Groovebox?

Re: Impure 1-bit gabber I made :)

Thanks smile

Not sure but that thing looks fun smile similar technology it seems

Can't remember where I heard about the Lunchbeat but I bought the kit a while back. His store is offline but he still has some left I believe, I emailed recently and ordered another.

Going to try and mess with the code soon, I'd like to change the tempo range to go up to extratone speeds, and see if i can make any interesting changes to the instrument sounds.