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Ok folks, last engine from me for 2016. This one is a weird beast. In terms of capabilities, it's somewhere in between Tritone, Betaphase, and qaop. However, at 3-10 bytes per row, its data format is much more compact than the latter two.

wtbeep's main specialty are 32 different "waveforms", which are realtime generated, ie. no samples involved. Also re-using the new user-configurable click drum system from povver, though at a slightly decreased quality because wtbeep's loops are shorter (184 cycles vs. 224 in povver), and I don't want to decrease overall tempo resolution just to facilitate longer clicks.

To be honest I don't even understand myself what's going on with some of these waveform generators. But hey, it works, so let's not ask too many questions big_smile

Source code and stuff is on my github as usual. I might do an XM converter and/or MDAL config later if I can find some time for it.

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wow, I like this one very much too!

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Yes! Great sound.

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Yo Zilog, good to read you on here! Your idea about using scalers has actually found it's way into this engine, though I think in a different form than you had envisioned it wink

Anyway, would love to see a new beeper engine from you, too! Squeeker has been very inspiring for me, and in terms of sound it's still one of my all-time favourites.

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Added this engine to 1tracker.

Minor issues. It seems that you messed up exx' in the pattern reading a bit, so you can't just have an empty row, or skip first or first and second channels. Edited the code to make it work. Also, there is loud clicks in the third channel after notes, unlike the first two.

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Thanks for the fixes, Shiru. Is the issue of clicks in 3rd channel fixed in your version? If not, how can I reproduce it?

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No, I wasn't able to figure out clicks. You can hear it just by using the third channel, any notes, it is quite apparent.

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Aye, I think this might be due to the way the engine is constructed. Timer/pattern update happens while the 3rd channel is active so it will be most affected. Not 100% sure about this but I can't spot any obvious code errors atm either.

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Yes, I thought so as well, but wasn't sure 100% either.

I also suspected the exx fix affecting that (like third channel counter value gets lost between rows), but didn't found obvious errors with it.