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povver is an experimental 3-channel beeper engine for the ZX Spectrum. It 
features a simple volume control mechanism which is achieved through dual 
oscillators running with a phase offset. The results are perhaps not as
impressive as what can be achieved through digital multi-core synthesis, but
it consumes much less RAM.

Aside from volume control, povver also features

- simple volume envelopes
- noise mode for channel 1
- customizable click drums
- per step tempo control
- compact music data format

Source is on my github as usual.

Wrote this thing mainly to finally use the phase offset volume trick in an actual engine. I feel I still haven't quite mastered it, but this is as good as it gets for now. Aside from that, I'm also testing a new, more flexible click drum system here. The click kick has a variable starting pitch, and the noise has variable volume (and two pitch setting to chose from, though they don't sound that different after all).

I'll need to add some stuff in MDAL in order to support this engine (which I probably won't get around to this year anymore), so for the time being it's pretty much for study purposes only.

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Re: new engine: povver

Another cool engine!

I'll probably use one of those new engines for the next BoTB battle.

Re: new engine: povver

I was thinking exactly the same thing Garvalf !

Roll on Winterchip, time for some fresh sounding Beeper tunes smile

Re: new engine: povver

Cheers guys! All that digi stuff aside, my favourite engine from this year is probably Squeeker Plus. I do hope the other engines will get some love, too, though wink