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Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (b. 1961) is a Finnish composer, writer and visual artist. He studied musicology and composition in University of Helsinki in 1981-88 and has worked since then as a teacher, freelance composer, writer, visual artist and publisher. Most of his current works are algorithmic compositions, he is developing a new system, GenPM, a general-purpose composing system to generate conventional scores and digital audio output. First compositions are a group of postminimal chamber works for small ensembles, the theoretical base for the works are from Henry Cowell, J. Schillinger, the program is based on controlled indeterminacy and simple combinatorics to mix elements to fit any particular 'style' by using 'virtual' punchcards to control the algorithms.

Jukka's works have been performed in USA and Europe, for instance by Carson Cooman, Duo46 and NYME. Jukka lives in small village Puhos, in Kitee, North Karelia with his wife and two youngest children.

Contact: jkervinen [ at ]