Are there any plans available to make a DIY "graylink" cable?  It seems like it would be fairly straight forward.

Thanks for the reply Utz smile

Is there anything special I need to install additionally? Do I need to upgrade the firmware ROM to doors, mirage or any of the other custom OS's to get HT2 working? I checked and I'm currently running a stock ROM version 16.0. Also does the TI Silverlink work both ways? (As in being able to backup my save data to my computer) Or can I only receive data to the ti82 with the silverlink?


I just picked up a ti82 for 99cents at a thrift shop. I was hoping to be able to get Houston Tracker running on it. My problem is that all my computers are too new to have a serial port for the graph link cable.

Is it possible to set up a ti 82 emulator on my computer and transfer the program and software that way via the 2.5mm link cable? (system to system)

I've never used a graphing calculator for anything other than regular math stuff. If anybody could point me in a direction to get this up and running I would be SUPER HAPPY!