This is GREAt to read, it's good to know that you are still developing the tracker! One month ago someone stole my backpack with all my "calculator gears" inside, but yesterday couple of friends gave me a mint TI 82 stats fr. I can't wait for my greylink to come, i want to try the new version of Ht2! … pace-alien
New HT2 track! This time, in free download with many other chiptunes from Italy.
Happy holidays y'all!

Woah, it's been more than a year since i started composing on ht2. I swear, i kept using this awesome tracker and i completely forget how to Lsdj. big_smile Guess it's time for me to record all my music, i just need to build a filter for the ultra high frequencies that my calc has.
Quick suggestion: why not adding somewhere on the screen the current savestate number? Everytime i compose for a long time, i completely forget in what savestate i'm working and sometime i've accidentally overwritten a song.

Imma post my old super mario main theme cover! … ator-music

I made a little video of my latest little track. It's on facebook, hope you like it smile … 185541175/

Great news, thank you Utz!

Probably it's because i'm using all the save slots. It's the only explanation i can give. Ok, i'll make a video.

I have to thank Texas Instruments for making me reach new level of rage everytime my calc shut down and clears his memory. AAARGH, the madness.

Anyway, i'll catch this occasion to report a few bugs/ tips.
- don't play to much around when you want to make drone sound with the fx F00. The calc will go nuts and you'll lose your work.
- If you mute a channel using the ,() symbols and load another track without un-muting, the "muting controls" commands in the new track loaded will be inverted. Nothing is damaged, it isn't just how it's supposed to work.
- the "autoinc" option (mode button) is annoying when is automatically inserted when loading the calc. I'd suggest to leave it deactivated when the calc is loaded.

Happy to hear that the project is still growing!
Here's my soundcloud, nothing too serious:
I'll post my first "calculator track" when it's ready.
Keep up the good work!

I must admit, i'm obsessed with this thread. I come back lurking daily to see if there's any update. Some question. I want to share my Houston Tracker chiptune with the web. Is there any place to post the track where i can find most of the houston tracker composers? What tag should i use on soundcloud? Will there be an option to extract a single song from the backup file as you can do with Lsdj using the "lsdj manager"?

Thank you!

utz wrote:

Ah, glad you managed to get it to work again. Btw are you using the github beta, or 2.00 stable?
Also, please mail me that backup, so I can have a look at it.

i'm using 2.00 stable.
Sure, just tell me your mail address! smile

real time crash report
I was adding some sweet notes in the channel 3. After i played/ stopped it for a while it suddenly stopped producing any sound. I tried to change the jack but nothing happened. Then i tried to turn off ht2 but  the "alpha + on" combination seemed to not work. Then i smelled the imminent crash, so i saved. After i confirmed the save, the program freezed. Before i remove the batteries, is there a way to ripristine the calculator or to save the song without going in "transfer" mode?

EDIT: I waited some minutes then i tried to connect it anyway to the pc, then i started button mashing and it somehow came back working but no sound. I made a backup and now is workin normally again. It's funy how a tiny calculator can give you so many emotions.

I was in fx pattern when it crashed

Not really a bug report, just sharing my experience.
I was jamming in my car with the calculator connected to the stereo and i decided to pratice a little more with the fx channel. Iwas in "Row play " mode, 06 speed. I started adding many effects and while playing the song i used to click the octave button ("trace" on my ti 82) to hear a cool glitch sound. Then suddenly the claculator shut down and when i tried to restart HT2 it just freezed during the loading. I had to remove the battery to make the calc work again, but obviously by doing so i resetted the machine. I not only lost the song, but even the entire program! had to reinstal it.
Moral of the story:
Don't click shit and stuff kids and always backup your songs after every composing session.

garvalf wrote:

Are you French?

Thanks, i think i will search for something like that. unfortunatelly i haven't much time to compose at home with proper speakers.
Nope, i'm italian. Just found that calculator on ebay for 15 € and it was the lower price available.

i just bought a TI-82 Stats. fr and installed HT2. I love it! I also hope you'll keep improving the tracker, thought it is still awesome anyway. I have another noob question. I'd like to compose songs using headphones (for example, when i'm on the train). unfortunatelly the volume with headphones is pretty low, is there any way to turn up the volume from the calculator?
Thanks again (also, it's "GiaKo", with one "K" tongue )

utz wrote:

Hi there, you need to install a so-called shell in order to run HT2. Check … quirements for details.

Also, be warned, sound emulation in wabbitemu is not very good. I recommend using tilem2. (To enable sound in tilem2: Right click -> Link Cable -> Connect to Speakers)

Awesome, thank you!
Another question, i just bought a "ti-82 fr". But how do i connect it to the pc? Do i need a  "TI Connectivity Cable" … hi_lrg.jpg or can i simply use a "usb to jack" cable like this one? … 67_521.jpg

Thanks again for your help

Hello Utz, i just discovered your awesome tracker. I want to try loading it on an emulator (wabbitemu), but everytime i try to load it it gives me an error. I recorded the screen to help you understand what i mean: …
Is there something i'm failing to do? Can you please help me? I want to try emulating it before buying the calculator.
Thank you