Quick question: wrote a sequence on my ti84+ and after saving it all i hear is a drone of the first note in the sequence and I can't seem to make it stop. The only way to restore HT2 is to crash my calculator and reinstall the program. Reloading the save file doesnt change anything. Anyone share a similar experience?

Update: was able to get it up and running 100%! Much much appreciated! Currently have HT2 on my TI-84+ and I'm very excited!

So on my windows 10 pro this is the link for the TiLP that worked for my computer https://sourceforge.net/projects/tilp/ and after using zadig 2.5 exe and following the manual the TiLP was up and running with the "File" and other options there. This is also the link that successfully worked for me for the Gtk

https://sourceforge.net/projects/gtk-wi … autoselect

In command prompt the response was "tilp is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

Gtk says 2.12.9-2

For the TiLP i downloaded the TiLP II Win32 version

Of course, lemme know if this screenshot suffices

Hey utz,

definitely need a little troubleshooting help! Im using windows 10 and i can force my TiLP to recognize my TI84+ through zadig, but following the manual my TiLP doesnt have a File option to then send my shell and files to my calculator. When I go to the shell program (dcs7) and directly run it through TiLP is says  "failed to open the USB device.
Cause: Check that the USB cable is plugged in and that the calculator is turned ON! Also, check libusb and usbfs for valid permissions.
System: (1971734128) The system cannot find the file specified."

Im not sure if im close or not to getting this all to run smoothly. I've tried resetting my calculator, and im using a black cable with a "P" imprinted on cable that connects directly into my TI84+. Any help would be appreciated, hope everyones safe and well!