utz wrote:

Just hard-set everything in the "Change Device" dialogue. So cable = SilverLink, port is #1 (usually), calc is TI-82, of course. I think TiLP doesn't auto-detect the 82. Or do everything via command line
tilp ti82 SilverLink CRASH.82B
which usually gives more useful error messages anyway.

Thanks for your patience on this - I'm in! I kept getting weird errors along the way (command prompt was saying another driver wasn't installed) and TiLP would either just stare back at me or give me "null" errors. But I just had to keep reading and re-reading. Thanks again for walking me through!

utz wrote:

You need to force USB driver installation with Zadig. See the TiLP Windows readme for details. If that doesn't work, then yeah maybe it's easier to use that Linux netbook. Anyway, let me know if you have any success with the Zadig thing, so I can perhaps add a note to the HT manual about this.

Damn, I skipped over that part of the Readme. I had read the part about what to do if you have installed the official TI software and stopped. Whoops!

I installed Zadig, installed the driver they mentioned in the TiLP readme, and my laptop now says that the calculator has a driver installed. However, now when I run TiLP, I can't figure out how to have it bring up my TI-82. I've done their scan and tried changing through all the ports but it's not coming up. This process is making me feel super stupid hahaha

utz wrote:

Hi, I need some more info. Which transferrer software are you using and what OS are you on?
Also, plug a sound cable into your calc and confirm that you are getting a low humming noise on both stereo channels.

Hey utz, thanks for replying. I'm on Windows 10, running TiLP (and have GTK 2.24). I don't have a 2.5mm headset, but I can confirm that when I plug in the USB cable, Windows does identify it as "TI-GRAPH LINK USB" but also says "the drivers for this device are not installed."

I do have an olllld Linux netbook. I thought maybe if I can't get this working on the Windows machine, I'll try on Linux.

I guess my previous post didn't go through. I have a TI-82 and a TI-GRAPH LINK USB and am trying to get HT2 running. I keep getting errors about the computer not being able to find the device. Anyone run into that?